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Romantic Disney Restaurants: Cinderella’s Royal Table

The romance at Walt Disney World is evident in many of the great dining establishments that you can experience.  Today, though, I’m going to focus on what I believe is the pinnacle dining location — inside Cinderella Castle — as we talk about the romance you can experience at Cinderella’s Royal Table! Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop.

Romantic Disney

Over the years, my wife Cindy and I have visited Cinderella Castle many times.  Contained within the iconic structure is Cinderella’s Royal Table, a signature dining restaurant upstairs in the Castle. While most people think of this as a great character meal to enjoy with their children, there is a case to be made for why this is an incredible romantic Disney restaurant.  Let’s dive into the details below!

Romantic Disney

Like I mentioned, most people are used to pictures like this one when they experience a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  Today, of course, most of those characters are going to be Princesses, but you get the idea — for most people, Cinderella’s Royal Table is for their kids to eat inside the Castle.

Therein lies the rub, though.  What more romantic setting can be found for a romantic Disney experience?  In this blogger’s opinion, eating inside Cinderella Castle is at the top of my list for romantic spots at Walt Disney World. The location, the food, the whole idea of eating in a grand dining hall overlooking your “Kingdom” — well, the romantic in me just thinks that is absolutely perfect.

On June 13, 2012, we were part of a large group dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  We had a table for 9, which included 5 adults and 4 children — not at all your typical romantic setting at all.  What made this a special night, though, was that we happened to be inside the Castle when Wishes was set to start!  We were able to enjoy the fireworks from the show while watching through the windows, and the show music was broadcast into the restaurant, so we never missed a beat.  All of a sudden, what started as a big group party of 9 turned into a truly magical, romantic Disney experience for myself and my wife Cindy.

I could go on and on about all of the romantic moments from my days eating in the Castle.  There was the day that Cindy and I — while we were eating our way through Disney while pregnant with Sophie — stopped at Guest Services that morning in January, 2001, and got a reservation for the Castle that day at lunch.

Of course, not all romantic Disney moments happen inside the Castle at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  I was fortunate to be able to witness this special moment, just feet from the restaurant.

Romantic Disney

While this certainly doesn’t qualify as part of our look at Romantic Disney Restaurants, I hope it does convey to you why I think Cinderella’s Royal Table qualifies for me as a romantic Disney restaurant.

Have you ever had a romantic Disney experience at Cinderella’s Royal Table? Please share if you have, and thanks for stopping by!

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NC State Parks

Celebrating 100 Years of NC State Parks!

NC State Parks

Image Courtesy North Carolina State Parks.

{Editor’s Note: We are starting a new series of posts called “On the Road with Mickey“. This post is our first in this series, which will feature posts about things you can do in the North Carolina region and beyond. Come check it out!}

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of the NC State Parks system, and the state plans to celebrate all year long!  On January 1st, the state started things off with “First Day Hikes” at nearly all of the state parks.  I say nearly all because some of the events had to be cancelled due to weather conditions at some of the parks.

In addition to the First Day Hikes, the NC State Parks division plans events throughout the year.  Some of these events include:

  • 100 S’more Years events at William B. Umstead State Park (multiple dates and times)
  • Art Trail Hike at Elk Knob State Park (January 24th at 3:00PM)
  • March Forth on March Fourth on the Eno — a series of hikes from March 4th – 6th, covering all of the trails of the Eno River State Park.
  • Old Homesites Tour at Lake James State Park — this state park pays tribute to some of the families that lived there before it was a state park with information on the old homesites that still exist on the grounds.
  • Party for the Pine at Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve — come on March 19th to celebrate the 468th birthday of the oldest known living longleaf pine in the world!

These are just some of the activities planned for this year!  Check out the Centennial Events page for all the events throughout the year!

What was the first NC State Park?

The very first state park in North Carolina was on the site of Mount Mitchell.  This mountain, which at elevation 6,684 feet is the highest point east of the Mississippi River in the United States, was being devastated by logging, mining, railroad activities, and so forth in the early 1900s.  In 1915, concerned citizens wrote to Governor Locke Craig, who visited Mount Mitchell, convinced the loggers to cease operations, and then went back to the General Assembly to being the campaign to save Mount Mitchell.

There are now 66 properties across the state that comprise the NC State Parks.  38 of these are state parks and recreation areas, and 28 are state rivers, lakes, trails, and other natural areas. In all, the NC State Parks comprised 211,964 acres of land.

The culmination of all of this will take place on October 8, 2016, at Elk Knob State Park, near Boone, NC. Starting at 10AM in the Picnic Area of the park, there will be a free lunch with hot dogs, hamburgers, and such, games to play, talks, hikes, and more.  Elk Knob State Park is located at 5564 Meat Camp Road, Todd, NC 28684.  You can email them at or call them at 828-297-7261 for more details.

Throughout the year, On the Road with Mickey will be visiting some of our state parks to give you in depth reviews of them, so stay tuned for more details!  We’ll see you at the parks!