Happy Birthday Mickey

Happy Birthday Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

Happy Birthday Mickey

Happy 86th Birthday to Mickey & Minnie!

Happy Birthday Mickey & Minnie!  Today, 86 years ago, Mickey & Minnie made their “acknowledged” debut in Steamboat Willie!  I say acknowledged because they were actually in Plane Crazy prior, but Steamboat Willie was the first one that they had voices!  To celebrate all that they mean to Disney Fans across the world, here are some of my favorite pictures with Mickey & Minnie and our family.  Enjoy!

The first picture was when Cindy and I saw Mickey & Minnie riding Dumbo with two very special Guests!  Here’s another picture from that evening:

Happy Birthday Mickey

Happy Birthday Mickey and Minnie!

Happy Birthday Mickey

This picture is from Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, and is one of my favorites!

Happy Birthday Mickey

Minnie is in one of the afternoon parades — I took this picture in 2007!

Happy Birthday Mickey

Sophie sure loves Mickey! Look at this picture from ‘Ohana in 2009!

The next picture was taken at Chef Mickey’s:

Happy Birthday Mickey

Sophie loves to give and receive hugs — and so does Minnie!

Happy Birthday Mickey

Taken back in Mickey’s Toontown Fair!

Our last picture comes to us from Disneyland.  Here we are at the Big Thunder Ranch, just checking it out, when all of a sudden, these two came and we had our picture taken!  There was practically no line!

Happy Birthday Mickey

Sophie, Cindy and I with Mickey & Minnie!

To finish us off, here are the videos where our famous Mouse friends got their start!  Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!  Do you have a favorite memory or picture of Mickey, Minnie, or both of them that you would like to share?  If so, share it on our Facebook page or leave us a comment here!  We’d love to see and hear about it!

Steamboat Willie

Plane Crazy

Once Upon A Time: What twist will Cora bring to Storybrook?

Did you all see Once Upon a Time last week?  Oh boy, was that crazy!  If you missed it, go to ABC’s website to watch last week’s episode.  In it, we learn more about Regina and her relationship to her mom, Cora.  We already knew that Mulan believed the troubles in the kingdom are the fault of Snow and Emma, but we find out also found out what happened to Cora all those years ago!

It turns out that Cora has been in a prison camp of sorts, and that this location is where Snow and Emma were taken also.  As the plot thickens, at the end of last week’s episode we find Cora asking if they need any help.

Will Snow White and Emma be able to escape?  Will they require the help of Cora?  Will Snow White remember Cora from her youth?  Will Prince Charming be able to find them?

So many questions, and a hundred more after those!  Will you be watching tonight?  Let me know, and let me know your thoughts on all of these plot twists!

Are you ready for Season Two of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time?”

Are you as big a fan of Once Upon a Time as my wife and I are?  I was fortunate enough to be able to review the first season on Blu-Ray for Chip & Company a while back, and while we were fans of the show already, being able to watch it again on Blu-Ray was absolutely incredible and really cemented our enjoyment of the series!

Well, get ready for season 2!  This coming Sunday, September 30, at 8PM, the second season of Once Upon a Time will be here!  To get you ready for the next season, here is a trailer for the upcoming season that you might enjoy.  Have fun!

If you want to catch up again on what happened in the first season, check out the Once Upon a Time site over at ABC.  It has a lot of information about the upcoming season, as well as bios of the characters, little snippets of information about things, and more.  Have fun!

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