The Original Space Ranger: Rocky Jones

Long before Buzz Lightyear found himself on the surface of a strange planet, which turned out to be a bed, Space Rangers were blasting through space to keep the galaxy safe! Just who were these space-ranging pioneers?

These original cadets weren’t members of Star Command, and they had never heard of the evil Emporer Zurg. But they were waging a battle against space-bound evildoers, and doing it all in amazing


May I introduce to you:

R o c k y    J o n e s :   S p a c e    R a n g e r

Don’t worry, he only wore that helmet when his space ship, the Orbit Jet, ran out of air. But what made this man a true Space Ranger? Let’s look at him by the numbers:

  1. Cool Name: You just know a man with a name like Rocky must be tough!
  2. Agency: For Rocky, he is proud to report to the Office of Space Affairs.
  3. Personal Space Ship: The Orbit Jet may have seemed like every other ship, but it wasn’t! It was the only one with a name.
  4. Sidekicks: Winky. Yup. That was the name of his co-pilot. Oh, he also had a girl (a full-grown woman to you and me, named Vena Ray) onboard whom he didn’t want onboard and that he often told to go knit and get out of the way.
  5. Missions: Rocky and Winky (yup, really Winky) cruised the galaxy to bring law and justice to outer space. A big job, but someone had to do it!


Rocky Jones, Space Ranger was an American science fiction television serial originally broadcast in syndication from February to November 1954. The show lasted for only two seasons and, though syndicated sporadically, dropped into obscurity. The show was based on the exploits of clean-cut, square-jawed Rocky Jones, the best known of the Space Rangers. These were Earth-based space policemen who patrolled the United Worlds of the Solar System in the not-too-distant future. Thirty-nine 30-minute episodes were filmed and shown over the period starting in February, 1954 into January, 1955.

Richard Crane played the lead character and so beats out Tim Allen as the world’s first Space Ranger! Thought you were the first Mr. Allen? “I don’t think so, Tim!”

Oh yes, we need to add a sixth point to prove that Rocky Jones is indeed a Space Ranger extraordinaire. But let’s also review the first five again:

  1. Name.
  2. Agency.
  3. Space Ship.
  4. Sidekicks.
  5. Missions. And last but not least:
  6. Catch Phrase!

Buzz Lightyear made going ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ a popular, if not impossible, destination. But only Rocky Jones can take us:

But remember, if you want to go along, you can’t be a girl. This was the 1950’s after all! The danger could only be handled by men with names like Rocky and Winky.

It actually makes sense if you think about it. No it doesn’t.

Disney Dining Review: 50’s Primetime Cafe!

Reviewing 50’s Prime Time Cafe

After a very lengthy pause, welcome back to another Disney Dining Review! In today’s review, we are going to examine all of the fun that you can have at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, so read on for more details!

50’s Prime Time Cafe

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe is located over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park, and is an enjoyable place to eat. It is not a character dining restaurant, but what it lacks for in that regard, is totally made up for in the theming that the restaurant provides!

The moment you walk through the door to the restaurant, you really are transformed into the home of the family of the 50’s!  After you check-in, you are invited to hang out in the living room/family room to relax for a while.  If you would like a drink, you can go check out Dad’s liquor cabinet to see if there is anything you would like to drink before dinner.

After a short wait, you are called back to your table, and it is there that the fun really starts!  Last June we ate there, nine of us, and Ma, our waitress, did a great job of making sure that we all ate all our food!  When they sat us, she handed out the silverware, but there was only eight settings, and our table had nine.  When I mentioned it to “Ma”, immediately she went into a fit, “Oh, we’ve got a whiner!” in her best Jersey accent, and sang a song to me, that goes something like this:

“Every party needs a pooper and that’s why we invited you!
Party Pooper, Party Pooper!”

It was so funny!

Then it was Sherry’s turn to get in trouble.  She said something to “Ma” that I had done, and immediately Sherry became a tattletale!  Then we sang the same song to her!

What was funny though was that Sherry and Ma were from the same part of New Jersey!

To top off our fun meal, my sister-in-law Nancy didn’t eat all her green beans!  That was a serious no-no, and as a result, Nancy got her own special dessert, as you can see here.

My Dreams of Disney
Nancy just couldn’t eat her veggies!

We have eaten at 50’s Prime Time Cafe twice, and in this particular restaurant, you will definitely get out of it what you put into it.  If you approach your reservation like you are just going to have a good meal and move on, you probably won’t enjoy it as much — despite the fact that the food is pretty good!  However, if you approach your reservation knowing that you are in for a fun time, and can enjoy yourself and play to the charm that the restaurant has, which is definitely in it’s wait staff, you will really enjoy yourself, and you will leave the restaurant knowing that this was one dinner you won’t soon forget!

This restaurant isn’t on our list of must eat at every vacation, but this is certainly a restaurant that we’ll eat at every few years!

So tell me, have you eaten at 50’s Prime Time Cafe?  If so, what did you think of it?  Worth it, or over-rated?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading! registered & protected