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The 52' Drop from the top of Splash Mountain!

The 52′ Drop from the top of Splash Mountain!

Hello Disney Fans!!! Today, I’m writing about my favorite attraction: Splash Mountain!!! Would you believe that for a long time, I was utterly, terrified of that drop?  If you’ve been with us in an earlier time, then you know that story. If this is the first post you’ve read, kick back and let me type a story for you.

It was in the trip of 2012. My parents and I were with a friend who loved Splash Mountain. One thing lead to another, and somehow, they convinced me to go and ride with them. It was the scariest thing for me! I was so paranoid that we would actually go into the briar patch! About half way through “the laughing place,” Daddy’s hat fell down and touched me. I. WAS. SO. SCARED!!! I thought it was an oversized queen bee about to sting me or something! I was screaming like bloody murder! The funniest part was when we were going up to the top. My mom was next to me, and she said that I was holding on so tightly, I was cutting off circulation. As we were going down the drop, I prepared for a lot of thorns. But, we didn’t go into the briar patch. I was like “AHHHHH!!!…. oh.” I saw that we went through a small tunnel. I was actually going under the briar patch! So now that i’m not afraid of the briars, I really like the ride, as you can tell from this picture of a group of us going on Splash Mountain (I’m in the pink Minnie Ears in the front on the right).

Getting ready to ride Splash Mountain again!

Getting ready to ride Splash Mountain again!

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