Editor’s Note: This originally published on October 11, 2011, as a spot on the Magical Blogorail Black loop.  Please enjoy this article as we take you back to the days of the Skyway attraction at the Magic Kingdom!

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All my pictures of the Skyway sum up to this one – closed. :(

Today I am sitting in on a special Magical Blogorail Black edition, so thank you to all of my Magical Blogorail Black team members for welcoming me on board!  In this edition of the Magical Blogorail, we are bringing you our thoughts on the one ride that we would like to see Disney bring back.  For me, it’s a no brainer — I miss the Skyway!

For those that aren’t as old as I am, they may not know what the Skyway is.  It was a ride at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park that made two stops, one in Fantasyland, and one in Tomorrowland.  Basically, the Skyway was a transportation gondola that would take you from one part of the Magic Kingdom to the other.  It was strictly one way transportation, if you wanted to go to Tomorrowland you got on the Skyway at Fantasyland, and if you wanted to go to Fantasyland you got on at Tomorrowland.  There was nothing preventing you from getting back in line to make the trek back, but most people didn’t do that.

The reason that the Skyway no longer exists is somewhat murky; depending on who you ask you may get an entirely different answer.  The Skyway closed at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World on November 9, 1999 — although I swear it seems like it closed much earlier than that!  There was a tragic, fatal accident involving a Cast Member and the Skyway, and it is likely that this was the reason that it was closed, but I don’t think that Disney ever announced officially why it was closed.

Although the Skyway is no more, the power of the Internet is such that we are able to relive the feeling of the Skyway by looking at YouTube videos.  The nostalgia part of me misses all of the classic attractions, and longs for those simpler days when you could ride them, but the technology side of me understands why they were removed.  I’ve embedded a YouTube video of the ride that I thought was well done.  Look at it and tell me what’s different about Cinderella Castle!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApHpap5cb38

So tell me, what do you miss from Walt Disney World?

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