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Mike has been a Disney fan since his first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1979 when he was 11 years old. Since that first trip, he has seen parks open, lands close, and attractions come and go, but one thing remains the same, his love for Disney is as strong as ever.

His Disney adventures caused him to start My Dreams of Disney because he wanted to document for his family and friends all of the special Disney Memories he has enjoyed with his family, and since that first post in 2010, Mike's hobby has become his passion!

Now a Travel Consultant with Pixie Vacations for over nine years, Mike has helped many of his readers plan and have incredible Disney vacations of their own. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Also, connect with us on our Pixie Vacations by Mike Ellis Facebook page to submit a quote request or learn more about all of your possible vacation destinations!

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  1. mickey
    Mike Ellis

    Big Praises from my friend Amanda and her husband Daniel! Here is what she wrote:

    Hello again! I believe this may be the last update I will send for this particular journey we have been on!
    Daniel’s colonoscopy/EGD came back with no concerns. They took a few samples to biopsy and everything came back okay. So, his hernia repair surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. He will spend a few day in the hospital and then we will be home indefinitely! The only remaining planned surgery will be to remove his port if he has 2 more PET scans come back clean. The oncologist is monitoring him every month in case we get another recurrence and the scans will be done every 3 months for a while. I like to say we are doing the finishing work – like when you get new floors and it takes a bit for the baseboards to get installed! (unless the work is being done by a certain family flooring company up north!). So if you can pray that the hernia repair goes well, there are no infections or complications and it works, as well as Daniel remaining cancer free, we would much appreciate it!
    We want to also thank you for walking this journey with us. Without your support and prayers, we wouldn’t have gotten here. Almost a year ago, I hoped upon hope that we would make it to this point but I never allowed myself to dream that we would actually get here. We are here because of the miracles your faith and prayers helped happen. I thank you for having the deep faith, trust in God and love for God and Jesus to pray for us prayers that were answered. I thank all of you for being there for us – no matter if it was shuttling Cate around, listening to me go on and on about the what ifs, the notes and gifts to say you were there, or any just being out there rooting for us. These messages have been an outlet for me. A way to organize the chaos into something that seemed doable. Knowing we had a support network filled with so many wonderful people helped in ways you might never understand. Many of you we have never met, but you supported us and we thank you for that. Mostly, we thank you all for loving us enough to care and travel with us while we tackled this challenge God put in our lives. While we have made it through with the best possible outcome, we have also grown in our faith and perspective and, at least speaking for me, are better people for it. I hope that one day you will trust us to return the favor by supporting you when you need it. Maybe when our lives settle down, we can do a victory tour to thank you all in person! Hopefully, God won’t put this nasty obstacle in our paths again. But if He does, rest assured, I will come bother you again!
    Love and Thanks!
    Amanda, Daniel and Cate

  2. mickey
    Mike Ellis

    Please pray for my Brother-In-Christ Elisha and his family. Elisha has been fighting back issues, and today it got worse to the point that he had to go to the hospital. Please pray for his healing, and for Peace, Comfort, and Strength for him and his wife Cynthia. Elisha is as close a friend as I have at work, we’ve known each other for almost 20 years. Thank you for your prayers!

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