My job as a Pixie Vacations Travel Agent is to help you have the best Disney vacation possible.  I truly enjoy helping families plan and have wonderful vacations, and these client testimonials speak to the joy I have in helping families have a wonderful trip.  If you would like my help in planning your Disney vacation, please shoot me an email at Mike@PixieVacations.com or send me a quote request by clicking the link!  There is no charge for my services.  Thanks!

Zoe B. writes:  “When I began the process of planning our first trip to Disney World I was naturally overwhelmed. I had no idea how to navigate through the different hotels and lodgings, the various park choices and basically how to manage a limited amount of time with so much to do. That’s when Mike Ellis stepped in and saved me! He talked me through the choices and helped me make the right decisions for my family and our budget. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and it was perfect. We chose two parks and one water park, and strategically selected our dining reservations and fast passes with Mike’s guidance. Since we were there right after Christmas the crowds were pretty intense. But, thanks to Mike, because we had done some good planning ahead of time, the mobs of people really didn’t stop us from doing what we wanted. He was readily available by phone and email when I needed him – even though we worked across the country from each other on planning my trip. Thank you Mike! Zoe & Family, from California”

Bonnie S. wrote: “Mike always impresses me with his knowledge of Disney Parks and vacations.  His fast responses make him my go-to agent when booking a trip to Disney, and his follow-up service — making sure I have everything I need and know what to do before I leave — means I cannot recommend Mike highly enough.  Thanks for your great work, Mike… I’ll be back!”

April K. wrote: “This is our first time to go to Disney and I had a lot of questions for Mike. He was very kind, helpful, patient, and prompt when booking our vacation as well as answering any question I had big or small. I couldn’t have booked our vacation without his help. I will definitely use him again as well as recommend him to anyone thinking about going to Disney. We are so excited to go in 3 weeks and know our trip will be so much smoother because of Mike. Thank you for everything!”

Sheila F. wrote: We have been to Disney World many times, but in years previous my work schedule was not what it is now. Mike at Pixie Vacations realized this and helped me by organizing not one trip, but two trips this year to Walt Disney World. One with both of our familes, because our families are good friends; the other with just my family. Mike reserved our room for both trips, one to Bay Lake Tower, and the other at Port Orleans French Quarter. On our first trip he helped me with my dinning reservations and fast passes knowing my time was precious. On the second trip Mike helped me with just the room but offered to do both the fast passes and reservations. However, our second trip involved visiting with family in Florida so because a lot of our activities were not on property we just had him take care of our room. That’s why I love dealing with Mike at Pixie. He can do as little or as much as you need.

We were able to get a great  deal, even with our annual passes. In fact we even got a better {rate} than the one we could have gotten on our own. Mike really knows the best times to visit Walt Disney World and get more for your money. We flew all night from California and when we arived we received an early check-in just as he planned.

Mike also made sure that they knew about my family’s food alergies when making our reservations. Each night the wait staff were aware of this and the chef spoke personally to both my daughter and myself about alternatives so we did not miss out on any of the menu options. Mike also set up an itinerary so we had an idea for what we could do each day.

I have nothing but good things to say about  Mike at Pixie Vacations and I have reffered many other friends to use his services as an official Disney Planner. When I get to go to Walt Disney World again I will certainly call on Mike at Pixie Vacations.

Thanks again, Mike, for all of your hard work.

Sheila F.

I’d love to hear from you about your Disney trip!  Thanks for coming by, and have a great Disney Day!



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