On the Road

Welcome to our new series, On the Road with Mickey! This series is going to focus on things you can do in North Carolina – and beyond! My sincere hope is that if you live in North Carolina or in the surrounding area that you will come explore with us some of the great sites and sounds of this incredible state, or, if you are looking at traveling to North Carolina, these posts will help you decide to visit!

The great state of North Carolina has so much to offer a family looking to visit.  From great museums, to beaches, mountains, historic landmarks, small towns, big cities, you name it, North Carolina has got it!  For many people, a trip to North Carolina becomes a “what if” sort of destination, as in, “What if we decided to settle here when we retire?”

Over the next several months, look for posts covering a wide range of topics, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Museums
  • Beaches
  • Mountains
  • Historic settings, such as Old Salem
  • City Life
  • Civil War Battlefields
  • The great North Carolina Zoo
  • Small town destinations
  • Sporting events, including college basketball, professional ice hockey, and minor league baseball
  • State Parks
  • The beauty and grandeur of this incredible state
  • and much more!

This is just the beginning!  Check back often for more posts, and while you are waiting, sign up for our mailing list!  It’s simple, easy, and free, and you will only get an email when a new post is published!

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My hope for all of you is that these posts will entice you, draw you in, and encourage you to explore our great state.  With such an abundance of nature, and everything from small towns to big cities, North Carolina is truly a site to see, enjoy, and fall in love with.  Come see for yourself, and thanks for stopping by!