Cinderella's Castle at night

Cinderella Castle at night

Today I thought I would share my “must dos” from Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I must say that while I love all four Disney World parks, the Magic Kingdom will always have a special place in my heart. That’s probably because it was the first Disney park I visited but also because it’s based on Disneyland which had Walt’s touches everywhere.

The magic starts before you even step through the turnstiles. If you don’t stay in a Disney hotel, parking for the Magic Kingdom is across the Seven Seas Lagoon over at the Ticket and Transportation Center. You can travel over to the park via the monorail or the ferry. I usually try to ride one on the way to the Magic Kingdom and the other on the return trip. Of course, some people have a preferred method of travel, but I suggest you try each at least once (unless you get seasick, then I would stick to the monorail). If you are staying on property, the Disney buses take you right to the Magic Kingdom (the exception being the “Magic Kingdom hotels”. There are still buses that go from the hotels but there are additional options here. Guests at the Contemporary and the Grand Floridian have the monorail and the ferry available to them or you can walk from your hotel to the park. Polynesian guests have the monorail and the ferry as additional options. Guests of Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness also have a launch available to the Magic Kingdom).

I think the easiest way to describe my favorites is by “land” and each land by order of how I travel the park (meaning I will start on Main St. USA and then head left to Adventureland moving clockwise around the park). Starting on Main Street, I always ride the Railroad. I hit the Chapeau (THE place in the Magic Kingdom to get monogrammed mouse ears) to check out the newest ears. Main Street is my favorite place to watch parades as well as the Wishes! fireworks show. Finally, I always eat at the Crystal Palace. While it may seem pricey, I stay on property and get the dining plan (this restaurant is included on all the Disney dining plans except the “quick service dining plan”) and I can’t resist a good buffet with Winnie the Pooh.

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise – so much fun

Next up is Adventureland. I love the Jungle Cruise. Between the interesting animals and the silliness and puns of the boat captains, it’s lots of fun that I never miss. If you read my posts, you won’t be surprised that my next must do is Pirates of the Caribbean. If I could only ride one ride at Disney over and over again, it would have to be Pirates. If I could, I would move into this ride (you think I joke but I am enthralled with this ride). I also always visit the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Coming next is Frontierland, home of two of the three Magic Kingdom mountains and my Frontierland must dos. Splash Mountain is a fun ride through Disney’s “Song of the South”. Briar Rabbit is a fun character that we join for adventure. Big Thunder Mountain is a runaway main railroad ride through the Old West.

Continuing on, we come to Liberty Square. The Hall of Presidents may not interest everyone but I am a huge fan of American history so I love this one (plus it’s cool, dark and you sit for the whole show, a welcome break at Disney). If I could live in Pirates of the Caribbean, I would work at the Haunted Mansion. More fun than scary, the Haunted Mansion is lots of fun. Oh, I also always hit the fruit stand by the Hall Of Presidents for a yummy pickle and a water. Its a welcome break during the day.

Next on our tour is Fantasyland. I never miss Mickey’s Philharmagic; a fun, multi-sensory trip through Disney movie music. I always hit the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which is a whimsical ride through the Pooh movies. I hit Mrs. Pott’s Cupboard for a strawberry shortcake sundae (a yummy mix of a strawberry shortcake and a strawberry sundae) and while I haven’t been there yet, I am looking forward to seeing Beast’s Castle.

Last but not least is Tomorrowland. I hit Space Mountain, a fun roller coaster ride in the dark (if your kids are afraid of the dark, you may want to skip it). I love Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor (again, not a surprise if you have read my other posts). I visit Experiment 626, also known as Stitch! The Escape (this show has moments of complete darkness with audience members held in place by shoulder harnesses, things to keep in mind if you are traveling with little ones). Two of my favorite must dos are often overlooked but provide chances to sit and rest your sore, tired feet. There is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority which is a ride above Tomorrowland on a track powered by magnets (really cool). Finally, there is Carousel of Progress. This is an entertaining show that follows an American family through many of the best technological advances of the past 100 or so years.

Do you have other Magic Kingdom must dos? I’d love to hear from you. Up next, my Epcot Must dos coming soon.



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