One of my many favorite Pirates, I snap a picture of him every time I float under him.

“Dead men tell no tales,” the words alone bring a smile to my face and longing in my heart. No Disney World trip is complete without a ride on “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This fun-filled dark ride sets the scene before you even board your boat. The ride is set inside a re-creation of a Caribbean fort. You will see cannons and other scenery that helps set the stage.

A canon in the queue line for Pirates of the Caribbean

After you wind your way through the waiting area (which can be a welcome relief as the waiting area is cool and dark, a nice break on a hot Florida day) you reach the boarding area and get on the boat. At the start of your adventure, you get to hear it (“Dead men tell no tales,” if you’ve ridden this ride, I bet you are hearing it with that very specific voice and the intonation of the ride.)

Here you are “trapped” between a pirate ship and the safety of the fort in town

Disney has incorporated characters from the movies into the ride (you will see Davy Jones  as well as Jack Sparrow. I have heard that they have also added mermaid references but I haven’t been since they were added so I don’t want to say that it’s true until I see it for myself. {Editor’s Note: I read about this on Chip & Company. Click the link if you haven’t seen that information yet.}) After a short drop and a small “splash” you find yourself in danger as you are trapped between a pirate ship and a port town in the Caribbean. The remainder of the ride is scenes of the pirates raiding and pillaging the town before the pirates are finally reigned in to end the ride.

Captain Jack is looking for new pirates

If you are lucky, you may see Captain Jack outside the ride as he recruits new pirates to join him.  Did I miss something you especially enjoy on the Pirates of the Caribbean? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this classic ride.




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