Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Peach. Today we are discussing zoos that your family needs to visit.

It seems funny for me to be a part of this loop because I don’t usually enjoy zoos. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a rare exception, and the Brevard Zoo in Florida is another. The reason is that they are quite similar in their approach to displaying the animals and birds within, a way that I feel is more humane. As I share some details about the zoo, and some awesome pictures, what I mean should become clear.

So, ‘All Aboard!’ for a quick trip around the Brevard Zoo:

Yes, it has a train! Put me in an observation car being pulled by a train (steam preferred) and I’ll even watch paint dry for hours! But this train takes you past some more interesting things than Sherman Williams latest color selections.

While we were on this trip, a camel walked beside us, and we saw several other free-roaming animals. A nice cut above simply seeing animals in cages!

When animals were in enclosures, there weren’t any chain link fences, which is what reminded me of Disney’s efforts in DAK. This zoo in Brevard simply cut out large chunks of space from the natural Florida landscape and used berms and wooden barriers to give a more natural feel. It was also easy to see that the animals were more content as they moved around in that natural environment.


How many zoos can boast environments like this?

Seriously, although you walked along pathways, you truly felt like you were just passing through the State of Florida and coming across wildlife! A very organic experience.

It would be impractical to list in one post all of the features and animals you will enjoy by visiting this progressive zoo. Suffice to say it is worth the trip!

8225 North Wickham Road
Melbourne, Florida, U.S

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  1. I’ve never even heard of this zoo – but thanks to this post, and the other one you linked to, I now think this looks like a pretty neat zoo to visit! Thanks so much for sharing about it.

  2. Very cool! I never heard of this. I’m always looking for fun stuff to do in driving distance to WDW and this seems like a cool idea!

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