Disneyland vs WDW

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Disneyland vs WDW

New Orleans Square is home to one of the four Disneyland Railroad stops.

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by today!  The Magical Blogorail has a great loop in store for you as we explore specific lands at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom and do a comparison of them.  I think this is very exciting, and for my selection I chose New Orleans Square vs. Liberty Square!

If you have never been to Disneyland, then one thing you should know is that New Orleans Square is the smallest land in Disneyland, but may also have the best attractions of any land!  In New Orleans Square you’ll find one of the four stops of the Disneyland Railroad, as well as this classic attraction:

Disneyland vs WDW

The Haunted Mansion stands proudly over New Orleans Square

In addition to the Haunted Mansion, you will also find Pirates of the Caribbean, along with it’s attached restaurant, The Blue Bayou.

Disneyland vs WDW

Pirates of the Caribbean is another of the great New Orleans Square attractions!

For Dining, you have The Blue Bayou, along with the most well-known restaurant at any Disney park: Club 33.

Disneyland vs WDW

Club 33 is the most exclusive restaurant in Disney — and it’s located in New Orleans Square!

Lastly, New Orleans Square is also home to the only accommodations inside of Disneyland: The Disneyland Dream Suite!

Disneyland vs WDW

The Disneyland Dream Suite is the only accommodations you can get inside of Disneyland Park!

Looking at all of this, I’m sure you’re thinking, Liberty Square has nothing on New Orleans Square.  Well, if you were to think that, you would be missing out on some incredible things to experience at Liberty Square!

Disneyland vs WDW

Liberty Square has it’s own treasures just waiting to be discovered!

As I wrote in my post about this land, Liberty Square is so much more than the attractions it houses.  Here are my exact words from that post:

Liberty Square is more than The Haunted Mansion®, more than The Hall of Presidents, more than the Liberty Tree Tavern.  Liberty Square is a reminder for all Americans of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed to make our country great.

But don’t get me wrong — Liberty Square is also home to some great attractions, including the Haunted Mansion:

Disneyland vs WDW

The Haunted Mansion has it’s own Happy Haunts for you to experience!

and The Hall of Presidents, complete with Audio-Animatronic figures of each President of the United States:

Disneyland vs WDW

The Hall of Presidents is just one of the Liberty Square attractions

and the Liberty Square Riverboat, featuring the Magic Kingdom’s own Liberty Belle riverboat:

Disneyland vs WDW

The Liberty Belle is named in honor of Walt’s wife Lillian.

When it comes to dining, Liberty Square is no slouch either.  It features two excellent restaurants, the Liberty Tree Tavern:

Disneyland vs WDW

The Liberty Tree Tavern is a period restaurant located in Liberty Square

and perhaps the best counter service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom — the Columbia Harbour House:

Disneyland vs WDW

The Columbia Harbour House is so underrated it almost never has a long line!

So, which one is the best?  Well, from where I’m standing I think I have to give the edge to New Orleans Square, but it really is a close contest.  We certainly see more of Liberty Square than New Orleans Square, but New Orleans Square kind of reached out and tugged at my soul, and I don’t think I’ll ever be quite the same ever again…

What do you think, though?  Which land do you think wins out, or am I comparing apples to oranges?  Please let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping by today! Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Disney Babies Blog.

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