Everyone can visit a Disney theme park anytime they want. For a fee, they can even get a special tour. But not everyone can get a VIP tour behind the scenes of the Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. This should be one everyone’s bucket lists!

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing our Disney Bucket Lists and what you should add to yours.

Touring Disney  & Pixar Animation Studios

Wouldn’t it have been great to live back in the time when Walt Disney was eager to show people around his new studio? Any excuse to show off his thriving animation operation was taken with gusto! He even did promotional and theatrical films depicting life inside the studio in response to the demand from the public to see how his films were made.

Yes please.

The closest to a private behind-the-scenes tour would be the Walt Disney Studios Tour offered by Adventures by Disney. This is a three-day California experience where, in part, you can learn the story of The Walt Disney Studios during a privately guided visit, which includes The Walt Disney Archives.

If I can’t get my own private tour into restricted areas, the above experience would certainly be a good consolation prize!

And although Pixar Animation Studios hasn’t been around for as long as the Walt Disney Animation Studios, I think everyone would agree that it would be a fun place to visit! And something to add to everyone’s bucket lists.

Apparently there are no public tours of Pixar so getting past these gates is probably not going to happen. Or is it? Check out this link for seven ways that just may get you in!

One of the ways to get in mentioned in the link is to ‘know a guy’ on the inside. You can enjoy a pictorial tour by Ken Miyamoto or watch the cool video below from Keith Lapinig, both who used this method of entry:

34,761 people have already ran through the halls with Keith, to date, but there’s always room for one more guest! And there are literally dozens of tour videos from special guests and media outlets on the Internet so there are many ways to tour vicariously through others.

Could I get past the guard and sneak around?

Probably not. I’ve visited Walt Disney World and Disneyland, gone on a Disney Cruise, interviewed Dave Smith, and recently visited the birth place of Walt Disney in Chicago, IL. My Disney Bucket List is growing!

It’s only a matter of time before I add tours of the Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios to that list. I hope!

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9 Responses to “Magical Blogorail: Disney Bucket Lists – Touring the Studios”

  1. Great post Lee, I would love to do the tour as well! Maybe when Sophie hits it big as a Digital Animator for Disney she’ll be allowed to give us that tour!

  2. I would love to tour the animation studios! I heard about the Adventures By Disney package a while ago and immediately added it to me ever growing Disney bucket list.

  3. Oh my goodness, YES! I long for the day we may be able to do a tour of the Burbank studios, but you’re right – a private tour would be even better… only second to a private tour after traveling back in time :) I hadn’t thought of it specifically, but I totally agree that it would be incredible to visit Pixar studios, too. That seems like the single most fun place to work, anywhere! If only I had *any* of the talents it would take to get in that world ;)

  4. Oh yes! I’d love to just stand in wonder at the front gates of these places, but I think they’d eventually call security on the crazy woman out front. ;) Getting in there would be a whole other ball game! Hoping that one day I’ll know a guy! lol I’d love to get my hands on a pixar ball. No, not for the kids. Just for me! Great post, Lee!