Disney Getaway

Disney Getaway

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The months of January and February are typically slower to visit Walt Disney World than other months throughout the year. Of course, there are exceptions for major holidays and so forth, but as a general rule, traveling to Walt Disney World in those months tends to be a little less stressful with regards to crowds and dining reservations. Because of this, if you act now, you may be able to plan out a quick Disney getaway on fairly short notice!

When the calendar rolls over to March and April, though, the crowds start to pick back up.  March and April are traditionally some of the busiest times to visit Walt Disney World because there are so many school systems out at some point during those months for Spring Break. Factor in, as well, the Easter holiday, and it amounts to a large contingent of park goers.

Despite the potential concerns over the crowds that you might expect to encounter in March and April, I still believe that a great trip can be planned out for you and your family during those months.  Here are a few things I recommend you consider in your planning process.

Consider doing the quick-service dining plan instead of the full Disney dining plan, if you wish to have a dining plan.

By forgoing the need for so many dining reservations, you will allow yourself to be able to navigate more easily because you aren’t tied to a particular park because of a dining reservation.

If you are a Disney veteran, consider purchasing the park hopper add-on.

Normally, I don’t push the park hopper add-on for any of the Disney tickets because predominantly, people don’t hop from park to park as much as they think they will. However, if you are going at a busy time, being able to park hop may be just the ticket between a good time at Disney and a not-so-good time at Disney.

If you do want a dining reservation, consider eating at a resort restaurant.

While the parks have a ton of great restaurants available to eat at, there are just as many — if not more — great restaurants at the Disney resorts or at Disney Springs. If you do have a desire for a sit down meal, consider eating at a resort restaurant. However, use caution. If you are at a very busy park, such as the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day, if you leave the park, you may not get back in because of capacity issues. Generally speaking, though, more often than not the other parks are not at capacity even if the Magic Kingdom is.

Take your time, exercise patience, and breath.

If you are taking in the parks in March or April, expect crowds, and be prepared for them. If you do that, you may find that you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can get done in a day. I was at Disneyland for the 60th Anniversary on July 17, 2015, and I was totally amazed by the amount of rides we were able to enjoy despite the crowd levels. Same thing for the Magic Kingdom on the 40th Anniversary.

Lastly, use your travel consultant — they can be a big help!

Don’t feel like you need to take care of all of the planning yourself. Reach out to a great travel consultant, like those of us with Pixie Vacations. It is our job to help our clients make the memories while we take the stress away from their planning. If you want me to look at some pricing for a potential trip for you and your family, reach out to me. You can do so using my quote request page, or you can call me at 919-606-6725, email me at mike@pixievacations.com, or send me a message from my Facebook Page. For any new bookings of $2,000 or more I always reward my clients with at least a $25 Disney Gift Card. Let me know if I can help you check off something from your to-do list for next year!



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