Carousel of Progress

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress celebrates it’s 40th anniversary today, January 15, 2015, at the Magic Kingdom.

On January 15, 1975, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress opened in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World, along with some Mountain of Space.  The Carousel of Progress, or COP as Disney Cast Members sometimes refer to it, is a special attraction for me because it is the same attraction that was on display at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.  This attraction was the brainchild of Walt Disney, and after the World’s Fair, was transported across the country to Disneyland before making the trek back across country to the Magic Kingdom.

What I really enjoy about the Carousel of Progress is that it takes us back in time, while at the same time giving us a glimpse of the future — or at least, a version of the future that some would say is here today.  It’s that trip back, though, that I truly enjoy — looking at how houses operated back in the day, thinking about what it took to live, and to enjoy life, and focusing on the history of it all — I think that is why it is among my favorite attractions.

Knowing that Walt Disney was a lover of history, I see so much of his influence in the attraction, and that is another reason why I enjoy it like I do.  Carousel of Progress is both simple and technologically advanced all at the same time.  How many theaters have you been in where the seats rotate around the sets?

One of the scenes from the Carousel of Progress.

One of the scenes from the Carousel of Progress.

Carousel of Progress incorporates the use of Audio-Animatronics in it’s characters, and that technology is just another example of one of the incredible marvels that Disney has brought to their theme parks.  The attention to detail is remarkable, as you can see in the shot showing how the wiring was all connected and strung out from the light fixture.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is well deserving of it’s anniversary this day, and I hope that it is around for another 40 years.  What do you think about the attraction?  Like it, love it, hate it, want to see it updated, or don’t care?  Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear them, so please, let us know what you think in the comments section below.  Thanks, everyone, and have a great day!



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