Hey guys!!!!! I’ve got some news!!! But first, I’ve got a trivia question for you! Since nobody commented a question, I’ll just give you one from my Disney Book of Trivia! Question: I heard that Walt Disney had an office in Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. is this true? If so, where in the castle was it? David, Monterey CA. The answer: There was no office in Sleeping Beauty Castle, but Walt did have an apartment over the Main Street Fire Department, where he relaxed and entertained VIP visitors. So, about the news, the title says it all. My family and I are going on a trip to Walt Disney World in February to run in the Disney Princess 5K (although, we’re calling it in the house the Frozen 5K because it’s Frozen themed!) It will be a four-day-three-night trip. We leave on Wednesday afternoon, we come back on Sunday. Please tell me what you think I should wear to run the 5K.

this is the route of the 5k

this is the route of the 5k! Yes, I know it says 2013 but it’s the same route! :)


I’ll be checking the poll every now and then. So please vote!  Thanks, and go out and have a great Disney Day!



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  1. So no office in the castle but there was a basketball court in the Matterhorn.

    Sophie, I’m glad you had Anna on the list and not Elsa. I think Anna was the better character and the better person in the movie. So that’s the way I voted!