Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s Friendship Friday post!  Each week I’m spending a little time sharing some thoughts on those people in my life that are special to me.  Last week we talked about my wonderful wife Cindy, and this week, well this week we’re going to talk about our lovely daughter Sophie!

Sophie was a wee little lass when she was born, weighing in at just 4 pounds, 2 ounces, and at only 17 1/2″ long.  She was born 7 weeks early, not because she wanted to be born early, but because Cindy got very, very sick with a rare form of Pre-Eclampsia called Help Syndrome.

In the picture above, you see Sophie grasping my finger at the tender age of 2 (days, not years) as I was visiting her in the NICU.  Sophie ended up spending just two weeks in there, which to us was quite remarkable because we saw some young ones that had already been in for three and four weeks when Sophie was born.

Sophie is now 11, and has grown up to be a typical 6th grader, and just like her dad, is a big fan of Walt Disney World!  In fact, she might even be a bigger fan of Disney then I am!  My first trip to Walt Disney World was when I was 11 — Sophie just made her 9th trip to Disney World!

She isn’t perfect, but she isn’t supposed to be, either.  She has her own set of problems, starting with the fact that she has organization issues, doesn’t do the work that she is supposed to do when it’s supposed to be done, and can be maddeningly stubborn, just like me.  But she does have wonderful gifts, and it’s those gifts that I choose to look at more then her shortcomings.  She is incredibly sympathetic to those in need; she is funny, witty, and loves Jesus; and she loves her Mommy and Daddy, even though it seems like there are times when she goes out of her way to get in trouble.

In the end, I guess what you should know about Sophie  is that she has a loving, gentle heart, and a kind soul.  She is a person that, should you be fortunate to meet her and be her friend, you would not regret that decision.  Most of all, though, Sophie is our little girl, our baby, our pride and joy, and the love of our lives.

Sophie, Magic Kingdom, Dapper Dans, Fantasyland

Sophie surrounded by members of The Dapper Dans!

I can’t take credit for this idea — it belongs squarely with my good friend Heidi from Heidi’s Head!  She started this, and I ran with it also, so go check out her Friendship Friday posts also by clicking on the button below!  Thanks for stopping by!




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  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little girl, Mike! You need to link these posts up on my blog – I missed the one about Cindy last week. I need to get caught up!

  2. Mike you are such a wonderful husband & father!! You, Cindy & Sophie are so very lucky to have one another!! Beautiful post my friend!!