Welcome back! We’re still in quarantine at this point, alternating between sleeping and trying to watch some TV. Some basic room service breaks up the monotony but we are obviously looking forward to 5 pm and the end of our exile! This was a sea day:

We received several calls from different departments checking in on us, which was nice. But as the quarantine came to an end at 5 pm, we noticed that we had forgotten to send out our soiled laundry, which is done for you free if due to your illness. However, Customer Service informed us that because we waited to make the call minutes after our quarantine ended, we were no longer eligible for this service. After Karen discussed the matter for a while they did offer to give us free detergent. After I called Customer Service back and had my own discussion with them, they sent a Crew Member to collect our laundry, which was then done for us.

So around 5:30 pm we headed back out into the general population. We did a little browsing in the shops before attending the 6:00 pm showing of The Golden Mickeys. Again, no photography was allowed, but I can say it was a good show, which I would give an 8 out of 10. At 7:30 pm we ended up at WaveBands for the So You Think You Know Your Family show. This is where parents and their children have to match each other’s guesses to a series of questions. It was mildly amusing and a nice, relaxing diversion. Next, it was more time to explore the ship:

At 10:15 pm it was back to WaveBands for the physical comedy of Max Winfrey. This bar has a rather small stage, so imagine a man on a 6′ high unicycle, juggling machetes thrown to him by a woman picked from the audience. Yup. This guy was crazy! But again, as I mentioned in Day One, I’d give this guy a 10 out of 10 any day! By far he was among the best entertainment on the ship.

Day Five was our 25th Wedding Anniversary, which we were looking forward to spending on Disney’s private Island, Castaway Cay. So we shuffled off to our stateroom, which by now, we were on intimate terms with!

Were we due to catch a break and have at least one great day on this cruise? After all, we were feeling much better and had an excursion planned. Well, if we didn’t have a little black rain cloud following us around so far on this vacation, it would find us on Castaway Cay! Be sure to join us tomorrow for Day Five of our First Disney Cruise.



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