In January of 2013 we took our first ever (and only, at this point) trip to Disneyland. The weather was cold and wet but we enjoyed ourselves anyway! On one of the rare sunny days we decided to continue the wet theme by taking an undersea voyage on a classic attraction:

Not the big red thing, the smaller yellow thing below it

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is a reworking of the old North Pole Expedition (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Voyage in WDW) and one of my favorite attractions. John Lasseter oversaw the bringing back of this great ride and Disney pumped millions into making it perfect.

Our voyage would be aboard the Neptune

I wonder what happens if you press the BIG red button?

     Boarding is slow, yielding long wait times, but worth it!

And away we go around the Lagoon

Submerging to find the beauty below

When this attraction was coming out of a refurbishment, some sites claimed, or hypothesized, that Disney was going to close this attraction because it was to expensive, with long wait times. I never believed this to be a real possibility due to the sheer amount of money that was pumped into it. So far, I seem to be right as it is still sailing as of this date!

I’m glad it’s still here and prettier than ever!



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    • Me too! At least I still have the memories from my childhood when I visited with my family in 71 and 72. Rode it both times! Unfortunately, it will never return to WDW :(

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