Orange Lake was the resort we stayed at in 2005.

Orange Lake was the resort we stayed at in 2005.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our Disney Memories series!  We took the day off on Wednesday to celebrate Christmas, so we didn’t post in our normal slot, but we’ll be back on Wednesday’s from now on, so look for us as we share our favorite Disney memories from our trips over the years!

2005 was a big year for our family — it was the first trip to Walt Disney World that my daughter Sophie would take!  In many ways, you can say that 2005 started the ball rolling for us, because Sophie has been to Disney parks every year since — a grand total of 11 times total!  We were invited to stay with our friends Leigh Ann and her family at Orange Lake — it was the first time that we had ever stayed at a resort like this before, so it was quite nice.  I don’t have many photographic memories from this trip, but I do have some memories in my brain that I’m going to unlock to share with you.

Mike’s Memories

Probably the thing that I remember most about 2005 was that we spent the majority of our time at the Magic Kingdom.  We did jump over to Epcot for breakfast at Akershus with the Princesses, and we did go to Animal Kingdom one day also, but for the most part, we stayed in the Magic Kingdom.

We met with Leigh Ann’s sister-in-law and her children at Animal Kingdom, and I remember we ate at the Pizzafari, and it was good.  I also remember playing at the pool with Sophie and Riley and seeing them get all soaked, which was a lot of fun!

Cindy’s Memories

The best memory that Cindy has of this trip was when we ate at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and the girls all dressed up in the Cinderella costumes.  They had so much fun meeting Cinderella, and eating in her dining hall, it was a lot of fun for them — and for us parents too!

Sophie’s Memories

Truly, Sophie doesn’t have many memories of this trip — but she does remember her reaction when we told her where we were going!  She was so excited to be seeing her friend Riley again and to be going to Disney World with her, it was a big deal for her!  Sophie was four when she went to Walt Disney World for the first time.

So, I don’t have a whole lot of memories to share from this trip, but I hope you enjoyed them nonetheless!  The purpose of these posts is for me to relive my memories, but I hope you are reliving some of your memories from your trips to Disney at the same time!  I’d love to hear some of your favorite memories, why not share them in the comments so I can read them!  Thanks everyone, and remember to make it a Disney Day!



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  1. 2005 was my first College Program and my very first time to WDW as well! I was a merchandise cast member at Old Key West and Saratoga Springs, but I lived in the parks:)

    • Wow, what great memories Karen! My daughter Sophie is already talking about doing the College Program — of course, I would totally endorse her for that because it would mean my wife and I could come up with “reasons” to have to visit! :) Like I would need them, right? Thanks for commenting!