This rose was on the walk way leading towards World Showcase past the Imagination! Pavilion

This rose was close to his yellow buddy above

Hello friends, usually today would be about memorable meals but while looking through my Disney pictures (as I often do when I have free time and am looking for a Disney fix), I was reminded that one of the things Mickey had mentioned was that he hadn’t been to Disney World during the flower show (to save time and typing, for the rest of this post I will be referring to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival as the flower show). Plus I figure that maybe this may help people “on the fence” decide if they want to go during the flower show (in 2013, it runs from March 6 through May 19. I have shared more pictures then I usually do but these are some of my favorite Disney pictures I have taken. For more information, you can head over to the Disney World site.

As you may have guessed, this guy was over near The Seas with Nemo and Friends

I am a big fan of the landscapers of Disney and the topiary work never fails to impress but during the flower show, the work is over the top amazing. There are special presentations such as flower arranging demonstrations as well as the Flower Power concerts (featuring performances by 1960s and 1970s acts. The one I specifically remember was Davy Jones when I was there). I hadn’t specifically set out to journey to Disney World for the flower show; my daughter Kym and I were headed there to celebrate Kym’s birthday (as it’s in March, it just happened to work out nicely).

If you can’t place the location, the building in the back is the American Adventure (this topiary was placed at the entrance of World Showcase)

Disney World is never for doing things on a small scale and the flower show is no exception. In addition to the flowers and topiary sculptures, there was a section set up as Princess Tiana’s garden. There was also a pixie garden (for Tinkerbell and her friends) and lots of unexpected surprises. While I still probably wouldn’t plan a trip just for the flower show, if my Disney vacation is at the same time as the flower show I know I would enjoy myself while there.

These little guys from Fantasia looked so life like, I almost expected them to start dancing

I expected this lady to join in a dance with our mushroom buddies above

I have to say that this Lady and the Tramp was probably one of the best topiary scenes I have seen in Epcot



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