My friends, today is a big day in the life of My Dreams of Disney!  It was exactly three years ago that I started my blog, and it continually humbles me to know how many of you stop by and visit to read what I have to write.  When I first started My Dreams of Disney, my sole purpose in starting the blog was to write about the memories of past trips to Walt Disney World.  This idea was born because in June of that year my niece Stephanie came to Walt Disney World as a surprise to Sophie, and they had such a great time that Stephanie proceeded to accompany us four times in a row!

My first post was just an introduction way back then, and looking back at it now, I’d have to say it was pretty bad!  However, after that, I started documenting the memories of those early trips I made, and you know what I found out?  As soon as I started writing one, I was immediately drawn back in time to the day that we took that trip.  My goal was accomplished, I was remembering what made those trips so magical and recapturing the magic in my mind!

After that, I added special pages with posts about each of the Lands of the Magic Kingdom, the countries of Epcot’s World Showcase, and then I went into the realm of that special place — Disney Dining Reviews!  I keep links to them in my special Disney Planning Resources page!

But this post isn’t just about looking at some of my old posts.  This post is about trying to describe what you all mean to me.

As I said, I’m humbled that you take time in your day to visit my site for one of your doses of Disney Magic.  I may have started my blog to document my memories of our trips, but our blog has evolved and grown in the three years it’s been around, and it’s now a very important part of my life.  It has helped my daughter in her writing because she has written some posts for you — some of them that have done better than some of my own posts!

It has introduced me to so many wonderful people that I had nothing in common with other than our love of Disney, and who I now consider cherished friends.  Friends like my Sister-in-Christ Brenda, who I was lucky to meet in 2011, and who we saw again in July at Walt Disney World, and who is a Pixie, just like me!

Friends like my good friend Beth, who runs the site Pursuing the Magic, and who added me to the Magical Blogorail in 2011 as part of the Red line.  There are so many friends I’ve met through this blog, I can’t possibly include them all!  Besides, I wrote about a lot of them in my post last September 8. :)

Most of all, my friends, are you — all of you, who read my posts whether you agree with my point of view or not, and who provide inspiration to keep writing articles that you will find rewarding and helpful in your Disney planning sessions!

If there is anything I can write for you, I urge you to comment and let me know, or comment on our Facebook page, or shoot me an email or a tweet, something, just get in touch with me and let me know what you would like to read more of.

Of course, this site wouldn’t even be possible without the love and support of my wife Cindy and my daughter Sophie — they are Disney Fans just like me!

It has been a wonderful 3 years, and it isn’t over yet, but thank you for your support, encouragement, and fun during the past 3 years.  Here’s to many more years to come!



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Mike has been a Disney fan since his first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1979 when he was 11 years old. Since that first trip, he has seen parks open, lands close, and attractions come and go, but one thing remains the same, his love for Disney is as strong as ever. His Disney adventures caused him to start My Dreams of Disney because he wanted to document for his family and friends all of the special Disney Memories he has enjoyed with his family, and since that first post in 2010, Mike's hobby has become his passion! Now a Travel Consultant with Pixie Vacations for six years, Mike has helped many of his readers plan and have incredible Disney vacations of their own. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and . Also, connect with us on our Pixie Vacations by Mike Ellis Facebook page to submit a quote request or learn more about all of your possible vacation destinations!


8 Responses to “My Dreams of Disney turns 3 years old!”

  1. Big congrats. That’s a huge accomplishment. Thanks for all your help through the years. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be crying as I looked at a blank blog, saying,”The demo didn’t look like this??!!”

    Keep up the great work!
    You buddy at the Cheapskate Princess

  2. Happy Birthday!! I truly enjoy reading your blogs, Mike! Not only do you provide great information, but your love of all things Disney totally shines through! Not only do I love your passion for Disney, but I am so appreciative that you also share your love of God. Not many people would be brave enough for fear that they would lose readers. It’s so refreshing, and I admire you so much for that! I look forward to what comes next! Thanks again for sharing your dreams of Disney!

    • Thank you for reading, Stephanie, and thanks for your support of my small mission with the prayer requests posts. This was our 28th week doing it, that’s a lot of prayers going on for everyone!