Space Mountain
Space Mountain

I grew up not liking Space Mountain, so it’s quite a turnaround that I have a great #DisneyMemory for this ride!

When I was a kid, roller coasters were not my friend. I didn’t like the speed, I didn’t like the turns, and at the top of my list of ones I didn’t like was Space Mountain.  However, as I got older, I tried other roller coasters, and learned that they are a lot of fun, and have been a fan of roller coasters for years now.  The first time I road Space Mountain was in 2000 with my soon to be wife Cindy, and since it was in the dark, I kept trying to anticipate the turns, and ended up with a splitting headache for my troubles.  So, that first time, definitely not my favorite #DisneyMemory!

However, I gave it another shot in a different visit, and over time, I grew to like Space Mountain a great deal.  My favorite #DisneyMemory from this great attraction comes on June 11, 2012 — which just happens to be the day that Shane proposed to Stephanie — and the day that Stephanie, Shane, Cindy, Kyle, Kerry, and myself rode Space Mountain together.  I’ll never forget because Kerry was very nervous — to this day she still doesn’t like Space Mountain — but she tried it out, and gave it her best effort.  She was actually doing okay — until, that is, Kyle let out a blood curdling scream — and from that moment on, it was chaos!

Such a fun ride, that was, and at 1:30 AM or something like that, it felt like the ride was ramped up to an insane speed, despite the ride being the slowest roller coaster at Disney.  I don’t know what it was, perhaps all of those factors working together, but that day, that visit, that ride, was my favorite #DisneyMemory for Space Mountain.

What is your favorite #DisneyMemory from Space Mountain? Please let us know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!



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10 Responses to “Your #DisneyMemory of Space Mountain”

  1. I’ve only ever ridden it once. I was six and it was my first trip to Disney World. I wasn’t aware what we were going on at the time, but my grandma, who’d come to Disney with us, opted not to ride it. When we got on, I was in the car between my dad and my sister. At first, I loved all the cool colors, but then the coaster actually STARTED, and I was so freaked out I kept crying for my grandma. Now that I’m an adult, I’d probably enjoy it.

    • Thanks for the great comments, Beks! I can understand where you are coming from, when I was a kid I hated roller coasters, period, didn’t matter if they were in the dark or not. Maybe your next trip you can give it one more try? Thanks for sharing with us, have a great day!

  2. I think I like this ride less and less each time I ride it – not sure what it is about it, or about me – maybe old age is bringing me some motion sickness or something – but the last time I rode it I declared “never again!” LOL

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Heidi! I declare that for Tower of Terror, myself! If I remember correctly, don’t you like that ride? I think it’s 100 times worse…but as they say, to each his own!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Since I don’t like drops, I had never ridden any coaster before. At 40 something years old, Space Mountain was my first! I was in the last of the 3 cars, with my 2 teen daughters in front of me. The one directly in front of me had never been on a coaster, either. I started out screaming, which turned to hysterical laughter. The daughter in front of me started laughing hysterically at me, and the daughter in front….who loves coasters….was laughing at us both. When it was time to get off, the 2 of us in back were still laughing our heads off, and were staggering out the exit like drunks. It’s a favorite Mom memory!

    • What a great story, Letitia! Thanks for sharing that with us, I love how the fear turned to excitement! That’s a great Disney Memory for certain! Keep following along for other rides and attractions and share what your favorite Disney Memories are from those as well!

  4. First time to ride was our first but not last trip to Disney World. We took our 8 year old daughter and our 11 year old son both wanted to ride Space Mt. My husband hates highs but I knew we each needed to ride with one child so I told him it would not be bad because it would be dark and he would not know he was up high and it only lasted under 2 mins for start to stop. He being the good dad rode with the 11 year old. Morgan and I went first and before Thomas and Matt could even get stated she is yelling I want to go again. Needless to say he has rode it again I think we are changing his mind on roller coasters or we better have because we know have a 8 year old granddaughter who can wait to ride it in Sept, This family loves Space Mt

    • Great comment and story, Linda! Thanks for sharing it with us, my wife is a huge fan of Space Mountain and we ride it every time as well!

  5. My first trip to WDW was in the month of August and I was 16. I did not fall in love with WDW at first due to the heat and not having flexible family touring. But when my brother, mother and I rode Space Mountain for the first time, I fell in love! It took forever to walk up that long entry but at least we were inside and it was cool. We were all acting like it wasn’t a big deal. We all got on together and my mother was in the very back seat. My mother screamed from the time we started until the ride ended! I don’t mean a little yell but screaming at the top of her lungs until the end of the ride and she had gripped the seat so hard her hands were white. We are all Disney World lovers now and go at least once a year and have logged over 22 trips. We always ride Space Mountain and always scream and reminisce about the first time we rode it together! Now we enjoy posing for our pics!

    • What a fun memory, Heather! Thanks for sharing that with us, I’m loving hearing all of the great memories people have of these attractions!