Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Disney In Pictures, the weekly series that invites you to share your pictures with the rest of us!  In this week’s edition, we are looking at your pictures from off the beaten path — that is, pictures that don’t necessarily depict the classic Disney image we all think of.  Let’s get started!

Our first entry this week comes to us from Shannon, who wanted to share some special photos from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Here is what she had to say:

Hello. My name is Shannon.  I am a single, homeschooling parent of 3 boys…one with disabilities.  This was our guide Sandy from Hong Kong…she was very sweet and helped the boys locate the different species of birds on one of Animal Kingdom’s nature trails. (July 2011 trip) ;) As a homeschool parent I am always looking for opportunities for my children to learn something new.

I feel like this entry qualifies for the “off the beaten path” category because even as annual vacationers to THE world, we often overlook some of the educational opportunities the parks have to offer.  Sandy’s knowledge and kindness was nothing short of exceptional.  I always make sure my boys offer the utmost respect and gratitude when given a rare opportunity such as this.  Thank you. God bless!

– Shannon

Next up for us is a photo that my good friend Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse sent over. Just looking at this photo instantly makes me envious!  Jodi is normally a person of many words :) but for this picture, less is more!  Here is what she had to say:

Disney’s Castaway Cay is definitely off the beaten path!

My friend Deb from Focused on the Magic is up next for us! Deb is taking us to Animal Kingdom, and sharing with us a photo of the mysterious Devine!  Here is what Deb had to say:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for hosting another week of Disney in Pictures. This week I’m taking your theme “Off The Beaten Path” to a path in Animal Kingdom. DeVine, posing so beautifully that many people walk right by her thinking she’s just part of the foliage.

Debs, owner/author of www. Focused on the Magic.com.
Proud member of The Magical Blogorail and Disney Parks InsidEARS.
Twitter ~ @debsdistwit
Facebook ~ Debra Ann

My bud Denny is up next! Denny travels to Walt Disney World so often that he doesn’t think he’s found a path that is off the beaten path for him! Here is what he has to say:

Off the beaten path?  Well…I can’t think of a path at WDW that I haven’t beaten to death several times over! LOL  The first photo is one of the follow spot positions at the America Gardens Theater at Epcot.  Being afraid of heights, I constantly marvel that those guys can sit there above our heads in that little seat and run a follow spot!  I couldn’t even go out on the catwalk to get there, let alone climb down and sit there!  The second photo is of the beautiful Venetian glass chandelier in the foyer of the Via Napoli restaurant.  Have you ever seen such a beautifully colored hand-made glass chandelier?  I know that I haven’t!  The third photo is Tinkerbell taken the year that the castle was all festooned in gold and covered with Disney characters.  Thankfully I had taken my camera from work that had a good zoom lens or I would have never known that Tink only had four fingers on each hand…no thumb!  I loved when the castle was decorated like that!  The fourth photo is where you’ll find me when I’m bushed.  It’s one of the only seating areas that doesn’t disappear when crowds are expected.  It’s right before you go over the bridge into Adventureland.  You’ve probably walked by it hundreds of times and paid no attention to it at all!  The last photo was taken at the pond outside China.  This lily was just stunning.  It posed for several shots for me that day. LOL  I have lots of beautiful photos of flowers from around the Disney parks.  Their gardeners are the best!!!  Thanks, Mike, for taking me off the beaten path once more!  Grins!

Next up is Amanda from Mouze Kateerz! Amanda wanted to share three pictures with us. Here is what she had to say:

Picture 1 – the feet — yes just feet in the hot tub after a long day at the parks. And most of the hot tubs are a little secluded and your toes will thank you!
Picture 2 — The organ at the Haunted Mansion.. The happy skulls make me smile
Picture 3 — My sister and I stayed at Coronado and this is one of the lions from one of the fountains. He wasn’t spewing the standard stream of water but more like a defiant child making a mess and having fun, which is something everyone does at Disney :)
Amanda C:) Mouze Kateerz

To finish us off, I thought I would share some of our photos off the beaten path. Thank you all for stopping by and visiting, as always, comments are appreciated and welcome! Stay tuned throughout the week as we bring you more information, photos, memories, and trip planning tips!




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