Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Disney In Pictures, the series that invites you to send in your pictures to share on the site!  This series is a lot of fun for me because I get to see all of the incredible photos you have taken over the years, and I know a lot of you like to surprise your family with that special shot you took that is now featured online.  So, keep sending in your photos, and thanks for coming to visit us at My Dreams of Disney!

Our first contribution this week comes from Maria, also known as MickeyMom over at Chip & Company, who writes:

From Maria aka MickeyMom.  I just love this pic because to me it’s Epcot.  Lights reflecting off water, the Monorail…

[Editor’s Note: I love Epcot at night, Maria!  Thanks for sharing!]

Our next contribution comes to us from Candice, who’s blog is Disney Days with Candice!  She writes to us about celebrating her birthday at Epcot.  Here is what she had to say:

I had the awesome privilege to spend my 30th birthday in Epcot in the very same year that Epcot itself is celebrating it’s 30th birthday!  Pretty cool!


The next contribution this week comes from my buddy Denny, one of the great people that contribute for Mouze Kateerz!  Denny is a Florida resident, so he gets to spend so much more time at the parks then me!  Here is what Denny had to say:

This was a difficult one since I have hundreds of photos from Epcot!  I dug back to 2002 for the first photo of one of the living statues that performed outside France.  This was a very humorous encounter for all involved!

The second was taken the same year of the dome with the wand and ‘Epcot’ on it.  Originally, the year ‘2000’ was there instead of ‘Epcot’.  I’m glad they’ve restored the dome to its original glory!
The next photo took me by surprise since I didn’t expect to see any characters at Epcot in 2002.  Bet they were glad that they didn’t have to walk around the lagoon!  It was fun seeing that many characters in that big red bus!
I’ve next included one from the Tapestry of Nations parade in 2002.  It gives you an idea of the size of the puppets.  I can’t even imagine how much strength it took to maintain that through the whole parade!
Now we’ll jump ahead a few years to when the movie TANGLED came out.  Here’s Rapunzel’s tower that was a part of the train exhibit outside Germany.  It wasn’t there long at all and I’m glad I could grab a good shot of it!
Last, but certainly not least, is a photo that shows just how close together the Disney properties are.  Note the Characters In Flight balloon in Downtown Disney in this shot from Epcot.
Hope you’ve enjoyed these few that I’ve sent.  I didn’t want to hog the space on this topic.  Thanks, Mike, for another fun topic!  Magical Grins!

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Our next contribution comes to us from my friend Shannan from Addicted To Mickey!  Shannan is a regular, and today she has a great family photo to share with us:

I love this photo because its my whole family, parents included, celebrating Food and Wine’s 15th anniversary. I also love the way the lighting looks on “the ball” at night.

Next up is another of the great contributors for Mouze Kateerz, Teri!  Teri shares a love of the Disney train layout in Germany with me, here is what she had to say:

Hi Mike….

Believe it or not, out of everything EPCOT I so enjoy just watching the little “Train Village” near Germany…. As a child I can remember oohing and ahhing over my grandfather’s Christmas train village that he built himself – every house, tunnel, bridge, street sign, railroad crossing, telephone pole, etc etc etc.  So standing in the center of this little village warms my heart with happy childhood memories!.


Next up for us is Carrie from Funk Squared!  Carrie is like me, one of the many hopefuls that are trying to be selected for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel!  Good luck Carrie, I hope you receive a generous portion of Pixie Dust to help you on the journey!  Carrie has some absolutely incredible photos to share with us!  Here is what she had to say:

I saw in Mickey Moms Super Club that you are looking for pictures of Epcot.  Just got back from flying our homebuilt airplane to Kissimme, and then over to Port for the cruise.  Thought you might like to see the attached.

Now, remember, these are taken through a ‘glass’ canopy I don’t own photo shop but these are special to me because my husband just got his medical back and I love seeing the birds eye view of my happy place!

These are pictures of World Showcase from the air!  Also, Spaceship Earth.

I also got some aerial photos of the construction in Fantasland if you are interested.  I have not put these on FB yet!  I’ve been too busy to write blogs about this members cruise that we did last week but it was awesome!



[Editor’s Note:  Carrie, thank you for sharing these aerial views of Walt Disney World!  I loved seeing them!]

Next up is Noreen, who wanted to share this picture with us:

I love this pic of my kids and my bff’s daughter.  You think that when kids get older they are “too cool” to go to Disney and especially hang out with Mom.  Not for this bunch!

Grisel is up next from Living Life 2 Its Fullest!  Grisel wanted to share this special photo with us.  Here is what she had to say:

Hi, I’m Grisel and here is one of my fave pictures from Epcot.  This was my son’s and hubby’s 1st time visiting Walt Disney World, and Epcot had that arm on Spaceship Earth which I loved!

Have a great day!!


Thank you everyone for sharing your photos with us!  I thought I would close with some of my favorite Epcot photos!  Happy Birthday Epcot!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!



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