Welcome to another edition of Disney In Pictures, the weekly series that invites you to share your photos with the readers of My Dreams of Disney!  Each week I announce a theme, and open it up to you to pick your favorite pictures to share with us!  I have a lot of fun with this series, it’s my small way of saying thank you to each and every one of you for contributing to the success of the site!  This week, the theme is “Favorite Disney Collectible” so let’s get started!

My friend Lee from Disleelandia is first up this week!  Disleelandia is a truly eclectic Disney fan site that focuses on all sorts of Disney collectibles that they find in their journeys!  If you haven’t seen the site yet, go check it out!  Here is what Lee had to say:

I love to combine my favorite collecting themes, in this case, my fixation with monorails and compulsive acquistioning of watches! So when I found this Monorail Watch, I just had to have it. But I was playing it cool with the vendor and trying to get the price down, when… along came my wife. Upon seeing the watch, she blurted out ‘Hey, you’ve been looking for one of those for years! You’ve just got to buy that!’ Needless to say, I had to pay the full price. But that’s OK, because any memory attached to a cherished collectible is a good one! Although, it would have been nice to get a few bucks off…

Hope this fits the bill,



Monorail Watch courtesy Disleelandia

Our next contribution is from Courtney.  She has a great collectible that she wanted to share with us.  Here is what she had to say:

A New Day at Cinderella Castle
#220/#690 Gallery Print
Signed by Thomas Kinkade

Our next contribution is from Alison, who is sharing a childhood friend that has been with her all her life.  Here is what she had to say:

I don’t know if this is necessarily a “collectible” but she is by far my favorite item from Disney that I have had since day 1 of life and I am now 24!

{Editor’s Note: Alison, a collectible is collectible if you think it is, I think it is incredible that you still have your Minnie from when you were 1 day old!}

Our next contribution comes from my pal Denny, one of the talents behind Mouze Kateerz!  Denny has an affinity for Duffy, and has made his own collectible out of some of his photos.  Here is what he had to say:

Collectibles, huh?  I do buy a few interesting pins, but every year I have a Disney ornament made from one of my photos.  Here’s a picture of this year’s ornament.  It has a 2012 Disney design on the other side.  Gotta love you some Duffy bear!  I have them made through the  Disney PhotoPass website.  It’s porcelain and very well done.  Grins!

Next up is a contribution from Eryka, who has a Facebook page she affectionately calls “Disney Freaks.”  Here is what Eryka had to say:

Hi there! My name is Eryka. This is my entry for the Favorite Disney Collectible. This is a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse music box. It plays “When You Wish Upon A Star” when it spins and Minnie swings back and forth on her swing. It’s special to me because my grandma gave it to me. We are very close. She knows how addicted I am to Disney and every time she sees something Disney, she says she thinks of me. :) She gave this to me while we were at Walt Disney World with her and my grandpa a few weeks ago, it was their first trip. Having an extra Disney surprise while we were there was nice. This is my most prized Disney possession. Every time I see it, I think of her. :)

Love your page, by the way!


Our last contribution this week comes from my friend Deb from Focused on the Magic!  Deb wanted to share a special new collectible in her collection.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Mike,

I have quite a few souvenirs from my Disney travels and way too many to list here. My most recent favorite is the button and brochure that was given out for Epcot’s 30th celebration. Only one badge and one brochure was given per guest as they entered that day. It represents wonderful memories of Epcot over the years for me and a magical celebration for Epcot’s 30th Anniversary.


This concludes this week’s look at our favorite Disney collectibles!  Here are a few of ours that we have around the house.  Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!



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