Welcome to this week’s Disney In Pictures, everyone!  It was a very quick week here, I hope you had a good week and are ready to kick off another week with some incredible Disney photos submitted by you, the readers!  Thank you for joining in the fun, I have a great time creating this collection of photos for you to look at!

This week’s theme is Character Shots — a topic that I have seen have two affects on people.  On the one hand, they are excited because Disney fans love to have photos of characters, and they love looking at them.  On the other hand, trying to find just a couple of photos to share can be quite maddening, so let’s see what we came up with!

Our first picture is one that I have a lot of fondness for.  In this picture, Sophie is sharing a very special secret with Princess Jasmine.  I have told the story so many times, I’m surprised if no one hasn’t heard that story.  If you don’t know it, you can read about it here.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the picture!

My Dreams of Disney

The next set of pictures I want to share with you come from my friend Roger and his wife Brenda!  Roger and Brenda are writers for Mouze Kateerz, which is where I was introduced to them, but they also have their own blog at Back to Disney.  Go check it out if you haven’t before.  While I’m on the subject of back to Disney, let me give a shout out to Roger and Brenda, as they arrived at Disney today!  Have fun you two!

My Dreams of Disney
Roger finds out Mr. I is incredibly strong!

My Dreams of Disney
Roger, Mr. Incredible, and Roger’s Incredible wife, Brenda

Next up is another of the Mouze Kateerz writers, Denny!  Denny loves the characters, but let me have him tell you himself:

I LOVE taking photos of characters! Some of them are just so darn photogenic that I just can’t NOT take a photo of them. Here are some me with a few of my favorites:

1. Me and Duffy last December. I had quality ‘Duffy Time’ by waiting at the queue to be first in line. I was so excited that I handed my still camera to the Cast Member with him and left my camcorder lay on the ground! Fortunately, the man in line behind me brought it with him and handed it to me after I got my photos done. This photo is on my 2012 Christmas ornament. (You can order those from the PhotoPass page!)

2. Mickey and Minnie. Need I say more? I’m so hoping to get to the door at the theatre and the talking Mickey be there.

3. Baloo. This bear just makes me smile every time I see him. He is just plain cheerful. I had the good fortune to play Baloo in one of our Theatre for Children series productions at the theater where I work.

4. Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket! I’ve loved the Pinocchio characters since very early childhood. Figaro and Cleo are at the top of my favorites, too. I was so surprised to find Jiminy at Epcot one morning that I just had to have a photo with him.

Well..I could post photos for days on this subject, but I’ll let someone else get a photo in edgewise! Magical Grins!

My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

The next shot I want to share with you is from my friend Dulcie, who is one of the writers at Chip & Company, and also a Pixie Vacations travel agent!  Here is what she had to share with me:

My favorite character shot is of me!!
It was 1976…I was 2 years old and it was my first trip to Disney World!!
Pooh was my favorite character because who doesn’t love a bear that’s full of
Yes this is a Polaroid photo which is another reason it’s special.I remember back when we would
go on vacation my Daddy always brought it along.We didn’t take many photos with it but I do have all
of them from my first Disney trip until I was about 6 when my parents divorced.After that times changed and
cameras became fancier but these of my early childhood memories will always remain close to my heart.

My Dreams of Disney

The next set of pictures I want to share is from my friend Mel from Picturing Disney!  Mel is also one of the newest writers of Mouze Kateerz!  She’s never shared any photos with me before, so this was quite a thrill for me!  Here is what she had to say:

Hey its Mel!
I couldn’t pick one! I love Gran Fiesta Tour and the Three Caballeros but I also love the pic we got with Chip and Dale in Disneyland right after I got my first ear hat… and I love the pick when we finally made it to the Ohana breakfast with Stitch (we had made ADRs for like 3 trips and kept having to cancel)! Whichever works best for you size-wise and based on what others send in would be fine with me!
I love your Disney in Pictures posts, btw!!! :D

My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

Hiromi is one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz, and a regular on Disney In Pictures!  Today she is sharing a picture of her adorable daughter, with a most unlikely group of characters.  Here’s what she had to say:

We bumped into Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia just outside of Cinderella’s Castle. They were hilarious. In this photo, Lady Tremaine instructed my daugther to “pose” properly for the camera!

My Dreams of Disney

I have another first time contributor today!  Please meet Cindy, who is one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz, but also has her blog over at Without a Care in the World.  Here is what Cindy had to say:

Lucinda here. I’m finally on the ball enough to submit a photo for “Disney in Pictures.” I hope you can use it. 

I absolutely LOVE this photo of my youngest daughter with Alice. My middle son took it during our Supercalifragilistic breakfast in May 2008. I seriously cannot look at it without chuckling. I have titled this shot, “Curiouser and Curiouser.” 

I have a blog at http://dizzneemomma.com 


My Dreams of Disney
Curiouser and Curiouser!

Next up is my friend Shannan, the creator of Addicted to Mickey, and one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz!  She’s sharing a photo from over near Club 626, Stitch’s party hangout over in Tomorrowland.  Here’s what she had to say:

This is one of my very favorite photos. My son, Zachary was 10 in this picture and he was still super excited to see Chip and Dale and give them huge hugs. He was saying I love you in this picture.

My Dreams of Disney

Next up is my friend Mel, the creator of Mickey by Mel and one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz!  She, like a lot of us, had a dilemma, which picture to choose?  Well, Mel chose two, so here they are, along with what she had to say:

Hey, it’s Mel from Mouze Kateerz and Mickey by Mel again! I am attaching two photos, I couldn’t pick. My son has been in love with Donald Duck since he was a baby. Every time he sees Donald his little eyes light up and he just can’t get enough. My mom has a collage of me and Chip through the years, always hugging Chip. The first picture is from when I was about 1 and it goes all the way up to 29 (I ‘m sticking with 29!). And now I have my own collage of Toby and Donald. Seeing these pictures makes me tear up because I remember the awe in his little eyes. People tell me all the time, they will grow out of it and the magic of seeing Disney characters goes away. To them I say, HOGWASH! My husband laughs because I still light up and drag everyone toward Chip when I see him! Magic is in your heart, not your age!


My Dreams of Disney
Loving’ on Donald!
My Dreams of Disney

My friend Deb from Focused on the Magic is next in our showcase!  We have had quite a few shots of Donald Duck, and Deb is continuing on with her own picture of Donald!  Here is what she had to say:

I’ve attached a picture for you. This picture was taken during one of my favorites, the Dream-Along With Mickey musical stage show at the Castle Stage in Fantasyland. Donald looked so exasperated and well, it was classic Donald. Mickey looks to be consoling Donald which is so very like Mickey. What a pair of characters!
Thanks for hosting Disney in Pictures!

My Dreams of Disney

My friend Teresa is next!  She wanted to share two photos with us, along with a little background information on them.  Here is what she had to say:

This first group shot was taken about 6 years ago aboard the Disney Magic – along with me are my beautiful daughter Tracy and my funloving grandson Evan – with our fav’s Chip & Dale!!!

Then – there is Remy – he is just so adorable!!! So enjoyed our dinner at Les Chefs de France in EPCOT -especially with such a special guest star!!!!

Thanks for letting me share these memories with you all!


My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

My friend Amanda, the creator of Mouze Kateerz, has a problem — her children and husband don’t want to get their picture taken with any characters!  Here is what she had to say:

My kids are all too old to stand in line for character shots, at least that’s what they tell me when I beg for a photo. My husband isn’t posing with Mickey either. I snap some character photos, but they’re nothing spectacular. But I am a character fan. I took this “character shot” in the Confectionary on Main Street, U.S.A. Mickey, two actually- perhaps his twin- was sitting in a bowl at Christmas. Filled with candy corn, that’s the sort of Disney character I am talking about!

My Dreams of Disney
Poor Amanda, she is left taking these pictures of “characters” :(

Last, but certainly not least, are a collection of photos from my friend Frances.  Frances is one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz, and also a Disney Travel Agent for Distinctive Journeys!  Here is what she had to say:

Here are four of my favorite pictures.
#1 Where’s Julia? Goofy was on the look out for her!
#2 Julia not wanting her picture taken with Tigger. “Mom, I’ve been there-done that!”
#3 Jonathan amazed at the size of Buzz Light Year!
#4 Jonathan melting into Woody’s big arms!

Magical Journeys,
Frances Hedrick ~ Travel Specialist
Distinctive Journeys A Virtuoso Company (www.virtuoso.com)
Concierge Planning-We Make Travel Dreams Come True
We Appreciate Referrals!

My Dreams of Disney
Where’s Julia?

My Dreams of Disney
Been there, done that!

My Dreams of Disney
My Dreams of Disney

Thank you everyone for sharing all of your incredible photos with us!  I hope you all enjoyed them, and check back next week for another edition of Disney in Pictures!

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