Mission SPACE

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are taking a closer look at the fun you can find in Future World at Epcot.

Mission SPACE

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On the second part of our journey in the Magical Blogorail’s look at the Epcot Future World pavilions, we are taking a look at Mission SPACE, a unique pavilion at Epcot that features a green side and an orange side to experience the attraction.  Mission SPACE is one of those pavilions at Epcot where the attraction is what makes up the majority of the pavilion.  Certainly there are other things you can do at the Mission SPACE pavilion — there is a children’s play area, for example — but for the majority of people, they come to Mission SPACE to take a simulated trip to Mars.

Before our trip to Disney in 2012, Mission SPACE was simply a part of Epcot that we did not visit.  It wasn’t because we didn’t like the look of the pavilion.  Simply put, we had heard way too many stories of people getting sick after riding the attraction, and we didn’t want to risk it.  However, when our friends Neal and Kerry and their two children rode the Green side of the attraction — and then raved to us how much fun it was — well, we just had to experience it for ourselves.

Let me tell you, when a child no older than 4 or 5 tells you how much fun a ride is — well, when that happens, you suck it up and face your supposed fears…and that’s exactly what I did when my young friend River told me all about Mission SPACE.

Mission SPACE

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The best story I have from this attraction comes from the lips of my friend River.  So Neal, River, Sophie, Cindy, and myself were riding together, and I happened to be seated next to River and Neal.  As we were experiencing the ride, and executing the “commands” that would keep us headed correctly to Mars, someone else was not punching the right button — someone from a different group.  River noticed this, and whispered to her dad Neal “He’s not doing it right. We’re going to crash!”  I thought it was so sweet, the childlike innocence that we all hope to recapture when we visit Walt Disney World.  Of course Neal made a point to tell her that it would be okay, and obviously it was since I’m here to write about it, but that story has stuck with me for four years now — and now I share it with you, intrepid traveler of the galaxy.

Do you like to ride Mission: SPACE? If so, which side, the easier green side or the more intense orange side? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by today!

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19 Responses to “Discover Future World: Mission SPACE”

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  2. This is my 12yo son’s second favorite ride in all of WDW (it’s just behind Test Track) so we ride it every trip. He has yet to experience an orange mission at his own request, but my husband and I rode orange before green was even an option. It is an incredible experience. We did not even remotely get sick or feel sick after, but we were sure to follow the directions and keep our eyes open at all times. This is an incredible attraction. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. What a cute story, Mike! This reminds me of the last time we rode it. The girls had both gotten in the extreme version line, so it was just Brian, Ian, and me. We were grouped with a Spanish speaking lady and I don’t think she really understood English. I was beside her and she kept looking at me, gesturing for me to queue her when it was her turn to do something. It was amusing and sweet – I believe she thought, too, that something might go wrong if she missed her queue! LOL

    • That’s classic, Heidi! What a great story, thanks for sharing it with us! Do the girls like the Orange line, or was that just a one time thing?

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  5. I used to love this ride but I am convinced that it actually screwed up my nose. Enough to the point I met one of the Imagineers at a conference and asked if it was possible and he said yes, that the centripetal force could have an impact on nasal cavities. I am now a chicken line only gal.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Mary, but don’t worry, we’ll ride the chicken line together! Us “chickens” got to stick together you know! :)


  6. My family has never ridden Mission Space, but I think we may try green on our next trip. If we can handle Star Tours, do you think we will be ok on the green side?

    • Hey Cindy, I think you will totally enjoy the Green side, you may actually think Mission: SPACE is more tame than Star Tours. Try it out, and let me know what you think of it. Thanks for your comment!

  7. What an adorable story! When this ride first opened, there was only one version, so that’s the version I rode. Then I heard all the stories and they opened the green version. I never had trouble with the regular version, but like you, I figure why risk it. So I always go with the green version.

  8. I first rode this attraction before there was a Green option and loved it. It was the first time in my life that a ride actually had me wondering if I was going to make it! I’ve done the Green option and found it way to tame after the Orange version. But I think even the Orange version has been tamed down a bit since opening day. Pity. In conclusion: Orange Rules! Green Drools! Sorry, I’m not very PC. LOL!

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