Sophie’s Birthday Button — Drawn by one of the Disney Artists

One of the really neat things for us is to plan our vacations around Sophie’s birthday.  Where else can you go where you can celebrate your birthday for the whole week that you are there?  The first time that we did this was 2008, and we did it again this past June.

The picture you see above was taken this past trip.  We received the button when we checked in, and over the course of the week the heat and humidity and rain caused the button to get all smeared.  Anyway, we were over at Hollywood Studios and looking in a shop when one of the Disney artists said Happy Birthday to Sophie, and then said “Let’s fix that button!”  He proceeded to spend about 10-15 minutes writing her name in the special Walt Disney Script, adding the squiggly line underneath.  It is hard to tell, but that is done with special ink that is gel-like and has texture and depth.

Happy Birthday to You

On another trip for Sophie’s birthday, while we were waiting in line at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the Main Street Band, or Main Street Players, or something along that sorts came over and played Happy Birthday to Sophie and another lady whose birthday it was.  There were five of them, and they played with their brass instruments.

On that same trip in 2008, we ate at 1900 Park Fare over at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  This dinner, which featured Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Wicked Step-Mother and Ugly Step-Sisters, was nice — except that Sophie took exception to the question each of the step-sisters asked her: “Is it really your birthday or are you lying?”  When we explained that her birthday was in three days, they answered “So you were lying!”

Disney’s policy towards birthdays is really nice.  In order to be able to display a “Happy Birthday” button, you have to be within six months of your birthday — either before or after! That means that anyone can wear the Happy Birthday button!

These are just a couple of the amazing stories we have when we have celebrated Sophie’s birthday at Disney World.  Some others include the time in 2008 when Minnie Mouse left a really nice assortment of balloons in our room; and this past visit, when Mickey and Minnie called our room to sing Happy Birthday to Sophie.  In addition, each restaurant we visited Sophie received a free dessert, and a signed birthday card from each of the characters at the restaurant we were at.

If you schedule permits, I highly recommend that you see about planning a birthday trip to Disney World one year.  You won’t regret it!



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  1. The same works for wedding anniversaries. Karen and I had an anniversary greeting left for us on our room phone by Mickey and Minnie.
    Too cool!