Resort Wednesday – Pop Century

Roger Rabbit is one of the many icons on offer at Disney’s Pop Century

Happy Wednesday everyone. Much like my post about Whispering Canyon Cafe, I know that there are plenty of hotel reviews available; I want to share why I think each resort I review is special. I am starting with the Disney hotel I stayed at most recently; Disney’s Pop Century. For the “official” Disney description, go to Disney’s Pop Century resort page. Disney’s Pop Century is a value resort which means less fancy rooms and no sit down restaurants but it is still a Disney hotel with access to Disney resort guest perks (such as transportation and extra magic hours.)

The theme of this hotel is the decades of the 20th century; technically the hotel is only half open. The decades of the current buildings are the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. There has always been a plan in place to open the “classic” years as well but currently there doesn’t seem to be any progress on that portion of the hotel.

Here’s the Mickey Mouse phone and Foosball table

What I really like about this hotel is that the many icons represented reminded me of cherished childhood memories. You can find  larger than life Walkman with Pac Man and the “ghosts” on the hotel railings. There is a Mickey Mouse phone and foosball table pieces. I especially loved the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head as well.

Life-sized Mr, and Mrs. Potato Head

Here’s the Walkman and you can see one of the Pac Man “ghosts”

Of course, Disney carries the themes throughout the hotel. The pools are the Hippy Dippy pool (which is the main pool for this hotel) as well as a pool shaped like a bowling pin and a pool shaped like a computer. There is also a kids area at the Hippy Dippy pool and showers.

The Hippy Dippy pool

There is a food court in the main lobby as well as the check in/check out area. This is also where you will find the arcade as well as an airline check in desk (which will help you skip the lines at the airport). Of course, it’s outside this building that you will find Disney’s internal transportation (buses to the theme parks).

My opinion is that if you are looking at staying in a value resort, I would consider Pop Century. It’s my first choice in value hotels at Disney World. Have you stayed at Pop Century? What did you think?

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Focused on the Magic

Memorable Meal Mondays – The Disney Dining Plan and Snacks

This is the tie dye cheesecake available in the food court at Pop Century!

OK, so snacks aren’t technically a meal, you would be surprised how much snacks contribute to  a memorable vacation and when you choose a Disney dining package, you will get snack options. For more information on the different dining plans available, visit the Walt Disney World website.  My Dreams of Disney has also written a piece comparing Tables in Wonderland with the Disney Dining Plan, check that out also!

My daughter wouldn’t forgive if I didn’t first talk about our favorite recently discovered snack at the Magic Kingdom; the strawberry shortcake sundae served at Mrs. Potts Cupboard in Fantasyland. Imagine a small sponge cake (like the type sold in the grocery store as shortcake shells) topped with strawberry sauce, vanilla soft serve and whipped cream. This snack was so good, on a recent trip we headed back to the Magic Kingdom every afternoon to get a sundae.

Also at the Magic Kingdom, there are pickles for sale in Liberty Square (at the fruit stand) , Dole Whips in Adventureland and turkey legs for a wagon in Frontierland. Over at Epcot, one of my favorite evening activities is to get pastry in the French pavilion or a bag of popcorn, find a seat facing the lagoon in World Showcase and stay there to enjoy my snack while waiting for Illuminations (which always draws a crowd, so I like to get a spot early). All four parks offer Mickey Mouse ice cream bars dipped in chocolate (very popular with many people) as well as Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches (a better version of the typical ice cream sandwich in the shape of Mickey’s silhouette with cookies and cream ice cream rather than the normal vanilla). Don’t forget your snack credits when you head over to Downtown Disney as their is so many options available, you may have trouble deciding what you want.

Each resort also has a variety of snacks. My favorite (pictured above) is the tie dye cheesecake at Pop Century. It may look like a regular cheesecake with colors swirled in but what you can’t see from the picture is that instead of a standard graham crust, the crust is a brownie. It’s like getting two desserts in one (bonus!).  What’s your favorite snack when you are at Disney World? I am planning my next trip and am trying to think of some new snack places to try!