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Today I’m posting over at my friend Jon’s site Mousekejournals!  He is running a series on the countries of Epcot’s World Showcase, and I volunteered to write about The American Adventure!  Head on over and give it a read, and tell me what you think about it.  Thanks everyone!

My Top 10 Quick Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World!

There are so many great counter service restaurants at Walt Disney World. Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Epcot all have a plethora of great restaurants to choose from! As crazy as it sounds, I’m going to pick my top ten quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World. As with every top 10 list I’ve ever created, my list varies from day to day, so let’s see what we get and how long it lasts! Here goes nothing!

10) The Pinocchio Village Haus

Magic Kingdom's Pinocchio Village Haus Quick Service

This quick service restaurant serves up standard fare — pizza, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, etc., but what makes this place good to me is the location.  Situated behind Cinderella’s Castle, right next to it’s a small world, this location even has windows that look down into the launch area for the popular attraction.  Couple that with it’s Old World charm, and it becomes a place for us to eat at least once per trip.

9) The Liberty Inn

Located over at the American Adventure pavilion on the World Showcase at Epcot, this quick service restaurant, like Pinocchio Village Haus before, serves standard American food such as hot dogs and hamburgers.  However, what makes this place a really great place to eat is the large, open courtyard seating — which holds probably 200 people (although I don’t have exact numbers).  Additionally, there is an old style military band that plays periodically in the courtyard, and they are well worth the wait if you decide to stay and listen to them.

8) Flame Tree Barbeque

Flame Tree Barbeque, located over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is one of the best quick service restaurants in all of Disney in my opinion.  This restaurant serves up a lot of great food at a good price.  We don’t eat here every year because some trips we only make one trip over to Animal Kingdom, and often we have a big dinner planned somewhere else that day, so we don’t want to overeat.  However, if you ever have the chance, check out the Flame Tree!

7) Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House, Magic Kingdom

The Columbia Harbour House is a great quick service restaurant for many reasons.  For starters, it is rarely busy because it is kind of forgotten over between Liberty Square and Fantasyland.  In addition, as the picture shows, they offer Chicken, Seafood, and Sandwiches, so there is a large variety of food to choose from.  Lastly, there is plenty of seating available, so you can spread out, relax, and even look down at the people walking below. Try the Fish and Chips, they are good!

6) Main Street Bakery

Chip and Company, Main Street Bakery, Magic Kingdom, Main Street USA

Special thanks to Chip & Company for sharing their photo!

If you want a quick place to grab some good food, this is the place.  Serving everything from yummy breakfast items like cinnamon rolls, sandwiches, and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for picky eaters like Sophie, this is the place to be.  One step inside the shop and you are inundated with all sorts of sweet smelling treats, just begging you to try one out.  It was here where one of our Disney memories was created when Sophie was presented with her huge chocolate chip cookie, courtesy of Cinderella.

{Editor’s Note: You may have heard that the Main Street Bakery is closing and reopening as a Starbucks.  You may have even read about it on this site.  Fortunately, Disney has heard the cries from those of us that love the MSB, and they have modified their original news report to indicate that the Bakery will still be there, but that it will offer Starbucks Coffee in the restaurant.  I can live with that!}

5) Casey’s Corner

Casey's Corner, Magic Kingdom, Main Street USA

Casey’s Corner is a good hot dog shop located at the corner of Main Street USA and the Hub.  Because of the location, the restaurant is often quite busy, and seating is almost non-existant.  More often then not, you will find yourself eating while sitting on the ground, or being lucky enough to get one of the bar tables where you can stand and eat. Despite all of that, though, the food is quite good, and as you can see from the picture above, there is entertainment there periodically throughout the day, so relax and enjoy your food and the music!

4) Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is a large quick service restaurant located in Tomorrowland.  They have three different bays available; one for burgers, one for chicken, and one for sandwiches.  At each of the bays you can also get the standard Disney kids meals.  The selection at the restaurant is enough that there is something for everyone, and there is a lot of seating, both indoor and outdoor, so this is one place that should be on everyone’s list.  As an aside, Cosmic Ray’s is also a great place to bring your child if they are afraid of the fireworks — you will be inside, and the rest of your party can enjoy seeing them outside.

3) Backlot Express

The Backlot Express quick service restaurant is located near the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” playground — so it is a good choice to both get a bite to eat and let your kids run off some energy afterwards!  For an open air type feel, it serves good food in my opinion, and is an easy way to recharge yourself for the afternoon ahead at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

2) La Cantina De San Angel

La Cantina De San Angel, Mexico, World Showcase, Epcot

Located just outside the Pyramid that symbolizes the Mexico Pavilion, La Cantina De San Angel is the quick service counterpart to the San Angel Inn (which is located inside the Pavilion.)  I have never eaten at the SAI, but the Cantina is a great substitute for me as they serve up many Mexican favorites of mine (especially since my family doesn’t like Mexican as much as I do!)

1) Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine Seasons, The Land, Epcot

My number one quick service dining location is Sunshine Seasons.  This restaurant is really good because it combines incredible food — with hot and cold options available — with a prime location inside of the Land Pavilion — so you can get in out of the heat, and a convenient location to wait while others in your party enjoy other attractions.  As I said, you can enjoy everything from hot and cold dishes, sandwiches, and other things, all the way to sushi if you so desire.  The food is incredibly fresh, and you will enjoy it, no matter what you try.

That, my friends, is my list of my top ten quick service restaurants to eat at Disney World.  Thank you for reading, and feel free to post any comments, or even your own top ten list!

Disney In Pictures: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Disney In Pictures, the weekly series that invites you to share your Disney photos with us!  This week we are focusing on Epcot’s World Showcase as we invite you to share your favorite World Showcase Pavilion!  The  World Showcase is one of my favorite parts of Walt Disney World, and I look forward to seeing what you have to share with us, so let’s get started! Read More

Disney In Pictures Theme: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion!

Hello everyone, it is time to announce the next Disney In Pictures theme!  As you all know, Disney In Pictures is the weekly series that invites you to share your pictures with all of us!  It’s my way of saying thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to visit us for a quick Disney fix!

This week’s theme is your Favorite World Showcase Pavilion!  We all have our favorites, don’t we?  Why not send in a picture of your favorite pavilion and claim bragging rights for that country?!

To do so, just follow these instructions — it’s really simple:

  • Send your picture to
  • Include your name, and tell me why this country is your favorite.
  • If you have a Disney blog, please feel free to share it!  A little link love never hurts anyone!  If you don’t have a blog, that’s okay also, but if you have a favorite you like to read, you can send that along also!
  • Your pictures (you can send more then one if you like, but keep it to no more then three please) can include family shots or not, that’s entirely up to you!

I look forward to seeing all of the incredible pictures you send in!  This series is as good as you all make it, so send those pictures in, and thanks!

Don’t forget that there is a great Disney Contest starting on Saturday, October 27, 2012, at 12:01AM!  Would you like to win a Dooney & Bourke Disney Cruise Line purse, or a $75 Disney Gift Card or a $50 Disney Gift Card?  Those are the prizes that are being offered, so good luck!  You can read more about it here!

Wordless Wednesday: Wardrobes!

Cinderella, Prince Charming, Magic Kingdom, Wedding, My Dreams of Disney

Cinderella with her Prince Charming

Welcome to another edition of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, which is hosted every week on my friend Deb’s site Focused on the Magic!  This week the theme is Wardrobes, and I have some photos I love that show off the depth that Disney takes to make sure that their characters and other Cast Members are dressed accordingly!  Enjoy!

Dapper Dans, Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom, My Dreams of Disney

The Dapper Dans with Sophie and Anna Jane!

Voices of Liberty, Epcot World Showcase, The American Adventure, My Dreams of Disney

Sophie with one of the singers from the Voices of Liberty

Voices of Liberty, Epcot World Showcase, The American Adventure, My Dreams of Disney

The Voices of Liberty

Off Kilter, Canada Pavilion, Epcot World Showcase, My Dreams of Disney

Off Kilter in the rain by Canada Pavilion.

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