Disney’s California Adventure SUPERSTAR LIMO Model

Disney’s California Adventure didn’t get off to a good start. The attractions left a little to be desired, including the one featured today. Superstar Limo was situated in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area of the park and was one of the original attractions featured on opening day on February 8, 2001. The attraction closed in 2002, earning the distinction of being the park’s first attraction to permanently close.

But it did spawn its share of merchandise, like this nice die-cast model of the ride vehicle:

The attraction’s purple “stretch limo” ride vehicles took riders through a cartoony rendition of Hollywood. Riders were introduced to stars, some of whom appeared at the time on ABC shows. Among the celebrities were Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Cindy Crawford, Tim Allen, Jackie Chan, Drew Carey, Cher, and Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopee Doo!


Out on the town!

This originally sold for $8.00 US back in 2001 but the asking price at the collectible store where I purchased it was $20.00 CAN. I grouped it with two other Disney die-cast cars and was able to get it for a reduced price.

So whether we have fond memories of Superstar Limo or not, there will always be room in my Disney collection for cool attraction-based merchandise!

Magical Blogorail: Disney Souvenirs Under $20

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we share souvenirs you can find at the Disney Parks that are under $20.

I’m suggesting the new Rapid Fill Cups:

Just under the $20, even after taxes

Or way under the $20 if you only stay for a day or two! I have to admit that I haven’t used the new Rapid Fill mug system yet. On the surface, I’m not a fan! I feel that Disney can afford to give free unlimited refills of cheap beverages like pop, hot chocolate, tea and coffee after charging you for the cup.

The new dispensing system (above) limits the amounts you can get. But let’s not focus on the negative side of these souvenir cups!

So many colors to choose from!

Each year Disney produces a new graphic design for these cups. Usually there are three or four (or more) lid colors to choose from too. This is handy, as you can differentiate your cup from the cups of the other members of your party.

Over the years, you can create quite a collection of cups!

How many different designs are in YOUR Disney collection?

The benefit of these cups is that they will remind you of your Disney vacation for years after you arrive home. You can link each design to the year and location of each individual vacation. By taking these mugs along with you to school or work, you can extend your Disney fun!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Green | Disney Souvenirs Under $20 Loop:

  • 1st Stop – Adventureland Pam | Disney Trading Pins
  • 2nd Stop – Family Travel Escapades | Disney Plush
  • 3rd Stop – Cool Nouns by Lee Beatens | (you are here)

Splash Mountain Decorative Collectible and Pooh Too!

My favorite attraction in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland is Splash Mountain. It gives one of the longest rides. It has perhaps the most animatronic figures. And… it is one of the most awesome flume rides ever!

So when I can find unique collectibles featuring this ride, I snap them up. The piece I’m featuring today was found in a large flea market in Florida:



This is a great concept as it makes a nice piece even when it is not opened up. But when you open it, the display potential explodes!

Tigger and Winnie the Pooh are riding the flume together and can be removed from the piece. Why these two Disney characters were added to a Splash Mountain collectible is unclear, although they do appear to be having fun!


At least Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear get to wait in ambush, but I think they’ll be surprised when they catch a Tigger and a Pooh Bear instead of Br’er Rabbit!

“Please keep paws and cute noses inside the log at all times.”

It’s pieces like this that make my day as a disneyana collector!

Disney Stamp Album featuring Donald Duck

Every once in a while I find something unusual to add to my collection of Disneyana. And this item I’m sharing with you today is no exception:

     Donald’s Hobby

I picked this up at a little antique store near where I live. It came with many stamps, but I’ve since added greatly to its contents.


Inside pages

The idea is to get the stamps pictured here and stick them over the black and white images, thus assuring that you will have the complete set.

I’ve added pages that don’t require sticking the stamps, so that they can be removed for viewing.


Advertising and back cover

Once I purchased this album, I ended up on a stamp kick, buying every one I could find. I was delighted to find this card of very special ones:

Walt Disney with a line of Small World children heading for the Castle in the sky

Stamp collecting isn’t as popular as it once was, but if it has a Disney theme, I’ll buy it! I hope this post gets your stamp of approval (sorry).

Actually, I’m going to let you pick your favorite tag line to end the post. Will it be:

Stamp Collecting: Lick’em and Stick’em!

Stamp Collecting: You just can’t lick it!

Stamp Collecting: Meh.

‘A Disney Original’ Collectible Plate by the Bradford Exchange

There was a time when anything the Bradford Exchange slapped on a plate sold for $50.00 or more and promises of great increases in value filled collectors heads with dreams of big profits in the future. But the reality became that the bottom dropped out and now you can pick these same plates up for $10.00 each at almost any flea market. Sometimes framed!

But that doesn’t mean that plates aren’t still a great thing to collect. Especially Disney-themed plates like this one:


Walt Disney: December 5th, 1901 – December 15th, 1966

Commencing December 5, 1986, we celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the birth of Walt

Disneyland artist Charles Boyer, known for his many years of creating beautiful paintings and sculptures commemorating special Disney milestones, did the illustration for this magnificent plate. This particular one is number 783 of 25,000.

It comes complete with a box, box cover, explanatory pamphlet, and because the lady I bought it from was diligent, the original sales receipt!


Enlarge and enjoy the reading!

This particular plate was bought on Main Street in The Magic Kingdom (WDW) on November 18th, 1988 at 7:09 p.m. Debbie, the lady I recently purchased it from, bought it to decorate her then young daughter’s room. But now that the daughter is grown and has left the nest, the Disneyana had to go.

Original selling price: $40.00 USD, plus tax

But like I mentioned at the outset, the value of these plates is hard to maintain, and so I paid only $25.00 CAN to obtain it for my collection.

As with any collectible, if you have the full story of how it was purchased, where it has been, and who has owned it, you can rightly lay a claim to increased value. But for me, it’s never the money that matters: I just love a good story!