Frozen 5K… DISNEY STYLE!!!

Hey guys!!!!! I’ve got some news!!! But first, I’ve got a trivia question for you! Since nobody commented a question, I’ll just give you one from my Disney Book of Trivia! Question: I heard that Walt Disney had an office in Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. is this true? If so, where in the castle was it? David, Monterey CA. The answer: There was no office in Sleeping Beauty Castle, but Walt did have an apartment over the Main Street Fire Department, where he relaxed and entertained VIP visitors. So, about the news, the title says it all. My family and I are going on a trip to Walt Disney World in February to run in the Disney Princess 5K (although, we’re calling it in the house the Frozen 5K because it’s Frozen themed!) It will be a four-day-three-night trip. We leave on Wednesday afternoon, we come back on Sunday. Please tell me what you think I should wear to run the 5K.

this is the route of the 5k

this is the route of the 5k! Yes, I know it says 2013 but it’s the same route! :)


I’ll be checking the poll every now and then. So please vote!  Thanks, and go out and have a great Disney Day!


Kids Corner Preview

{Editor’s Note: My daughter Sophie joins us today with a preview of an idea that’s been bouncing around for a while — the Kids Corner.  Here’s her preview, I hope you enjoy! ~ Mike}


Hey Kids! I’m assuming you haven’t seen the “Kid’s Corner” yet. So here’s the scoop. My name is Sophie. My Dad, Mike, runs the blog. He’s also a travel agent, so if your ‘rents want to plan a WDW trip, he’s the guy to call. ;)


My big, happy, Disney Family!!!

As for me, you can probably tell that I’m a kid too. So if you have any questions about Disney for me, I can probably answer them. Questions like:

  • “How many times have you been to Disney?” I can answer that one off the top of my head. The answer is: I have gone to Disney 12 times, the tradition started in 2005.
  • “How many hidden Mickeys are in Walt Disney World?” That one may take some research… by the way, the answer is: over 1,000 (I Googled it).

But, yes. Ask me any Question, and when you get your answer, just call me “Miss Disney-know-it-all.” Just kidding, don’t call me that. That, you might say is “part one” of my Kids Corner intro. And it is! So check back later.


Festival of the Lion King

A Special Circle of Life

Festival of the Lion King

My wife loves Giraffes, and I think this set piece is great in the Festival of the Lion King!

Hi Guys it’s me, Sophie, and is it a coincidence that the inspiration for this post again came from my band class? I’m guessing that my school is a Disney loving Cougar Nation. So, this time I’m showing you a video that, with the help of Coach Snarey and Kevin (the band’s future drum player), my class created. It’s an imitation our version of the “Circle of Life” song from The Lion King. We made it because my band teacher, Mrs. Rackley, was planning on going to Disney World to “hunt down” all the musical attractions but The Festival of The Lion King was closed so when it reopened she announced it to the class and somehow Coach Snarey started recording something that eventually evolved into an imitation of the “Circle of Life”.

Funny huh? The reason you didn’t see me in there was because I was “behind the scenes”. I played the sun/very-dim-glow-that-didn’t-even-shine-on-kevin/simba-very-well. You could see me in there a few times. I was the girl in the lime green shirt around the edges of the video. I give a shout-out to all of my band-mates!!! You Rock! Well that does it for me have an Awesome Summer Vacation and I can’t wait to find something else to write about!

Frozen Magic

Image ©Disney

Image ©Disney

Hi everyone it’s me, Sophie!!! And, for once, this post’s inspiration came from school! Yes. I know what kids out there are thinking: “What?! Disney is a HAPPY place! It has NOTHING to do with the torture house that is SCHOOL!!!!” And I’ll give you the school being a torture house part, BUT, this post’s inspiration did come from school. It came from the one class worth going to school… BAND!!! My band teacher, Ms. Rackley, is the best teacher in the world! Today in class she showed us some awesome videos one of which i just had to show to you. The guy who was performing sang the Oscar award-winning song “Let it Go” with a surprise twist. His name is Brian Hull and, from what his little blurb said, he is as much a fan of Disney as I am, and we all just know how much of a Disney fan I am. Here’s the video. I promise you. are. going. to. love it. 

Awesome, right? I KNOW!!!!!!! He is totally amazing isn’t he?! I told you that you would love it! And about him being as much a disney fan as me, if you don’t believe it here is his blurb.

With so many covers of Let it Go coming out, people may forget the original Disney magic that this song has, so what better way to preserve that magic with other Disney and Pixar characters singing the song! So enjoy this Disney and Pixar Mashup! Performer is me, Brian Hull and the audio is recorded and produced by Seth O’Neal.

How about that?!

Anyway that about does it for us. I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you next time.

50th anniversary of it’s a small world

{Editor’s Note:  Today’s post comes to you from my daughter Sophie.  As you’ll see, she hasn’t written in a while, so come see what she thinks of it’s a small world, and show her some comment love!  Thanks!}

Hi guys. it’s me, Sophie. Yes, I know I have not written a post in absolutely ages, but, I’m here now; so please forgive me. As you probably might know, as it is in the title of this post, the 50th anniversary of it’s a small world is today, well, not today it was more like a few days ago. Anyway, today I was thinking “I wonder where Walt Disney got the idea for it’s a small world?” and truthfully… I have no idea. I’m just gonna put it straight out there: I haven’t got a clue. So looks like you just got out of a rubbish post filled with my all time favorite way of getting to know Walt Disney: learning his history. Oh well, I’ll look it up later… So, today I’m just talking about it’s a small world, I guess… and having a conversation with you… yeah, not the best way to start my comeback to the blog. Oh well.

the 50th anniversary of the beloved it's a small world

the 50th anniversary of the beloved it’s a small world

I’m thinking of paying tribute to it’s a small world in a new way! I’m going to tell you guys about a my first experience with it’s a small world. And I want you to comment about the experience YOU had on your first time riding it’s a small world (if you can remember.) My first experience on it’s a small world was on my first trip to disney, 9 years ago. My family and I were going to disney with my friend, Riley, and her family to celebrate her birthday. Riley and I have been friends since  birth and we agree on EVERYTHING. We were four so naturally we would be drawn to fantasyland ,as most little kids are. And we all know that if you’re in fantasyland you’ll ride it’s a small world. We both wanted to ride it’s a small world first. but our parent’s had other plans. we waited patiently. allow me to mimic my four-year-old self: “Can we ride it’s a small world?… Now can we ride it’s a small world?… How about now?…Now?..Now? Now?………” Finally we went on it’s a small world. Would you believe me if I told you we were addicted to that ride? Answer in the comment section below. We loved that ride so much we went to bed humming the it’s a small world theme song that night.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post I’m Sophie and I will see you all next time. BYE!