99 Days til Disneyland – The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!

Image taken at Walt Disney World

Image taken at Walt Disney World

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is next up on our countdown to Disneyland!  Only 99 days until we are at the Park, taking in all that it has to offer.  This picture, of course, was taken at Walt Disney World, but I’m interested to know what the differences will be — if any — between the Magic Kingdom attraction at WDW and the attraction at Disneyland.

That’s part of what this trip is all about — experiencing Disneyland, looking at the history that the park contains, making sure that we experience as many attractions and facets of the parks, and perhaps best of all, walking some of the same paths that Walt Disney himself did when he opened up Disneyland.

You will probably find many of these attractions to be basic or generic, and wonder why I put these on my list.  The answer, my friends, is simple.  It is quite likely that we will not experience Disneyland again for many years, so I want to make sure that we experience all we can in the time that we have.  Also, attractions like Winnie the Pooh are crossover attractions, that is, they exist at both parks.  I want to see what things are different about this attraction versus the attraction at Walt Disney World, and in the end, pick which one I like better, if I find one I like better.

Thanks for stopping by!  Tell me in the comments if you like the Winnie the Pooh attraction, and which one you like better.

100 Days til Disneyland – Matterhorn Bobsleds!

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Image ©Disney Parks


Welcome to the inaugural post for our 100 Days til Disneyland series!  It is hard to believe for us, but in 100 days we will be at Disneyland!!!  I have an ambitious project — to post a different thing we are looking forward to each day for the next 100 days!  Do you think I can do it?  Well, we’ll find out, but I’m certainly looking forward to the challenge!

Today’s post is a look at the Matterhorn Bobsleds.  Did you know that the Matterhorn Bobsleds only exists at Disneyland — no other park has the attraction!  Also, did you know that this attraction is located right on the line between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and that it actually has two tracks, and two different queues — one in Fantasyland, and the other in Tomorrowland?

Also, the Fantasyland track is longer then the Tomorrowland track, and this roller coaster, which opened in 1959, is the first tubular steel continuous track roller coaster ever constructed!

So tell me, please: what do you think of the Matterhorn Bobsleds?  Worth the ride, take it or leave it, or what?  Also, do you have a favorite track?  I’ve heard that depending on the time, only one track may be open at a time.  Which track is normally the one open, or does it vary?  I love comments, please feel free to leave one, and thanks for stopping by!