Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Green. Today we are discussing the best shoes to wear for the Disney Parks.

Tender Tootsies. Fried Feet. Done Dogs. Whatever you call your ‘flippers’, it isn’t very much fun when they hurt! And it definitely isn’t any fun when they hurt so much that you have to cut your days short at a Park or other Disney destination.

So what have my wife and I done to make our bipedal motion more enjoyable? Have we found the perfect footwear? Have my size 12 ‘boats’ had reason to thank me?

Here’s a list of things that may answer those questions. But probably not:

  1. Failed. Yes, the first time we visited Walt Disney World, we failed to consider how 15 straight hours of walking would affect our ‘wheels’. I wore basic, inexpensive running shoes and learned how to be crippled. My wife didn’t fare much better.
  2. Picked bad alternatives. Yes, we’re slow learners! So for subsequent days, I tried a couple of alternatives. First I slipped my ‘trotters’ into flip-flops and next I tried strapping my ‘hooves’ into sandals. Results: Don’t do either of these things if you plan to walk a lot! Again, my wife didn’t fare much better with the alternatives she came up with.
  3. Gained some sense. Yes, into even the most die-hard Disney fan a little common sense and balance can be instilled! We learned to forget fashion and style and wear what is clinically proven to give the most support over long periods of time. Remember, the term ‘sensible shoes’ is not a bad word(s)! Your shoes can even be ugly.
  4. Paced ourselves. Yes, this Blogorail is about finding the best shoes for the Disney Parks, but I didn’t want to do the research necessary to authoritatively recommend specific brand names. I’m not a Podiatrist and I’ve never played one on TV (old joke). And I’m lazy. So I’ll just opine the best shoes you can buy are the ones that will float your ‘gunboats’ for reasonable amounts of time.

Extremely bad choice!

The key is not in the footwear, but in taking a break from walking. How can you take a break from walking?

  1. Sit on a bench. This doesn’t have to be a time waster as you can review pictures you’ve taken, people watch, or rehydrate.
  2. Enjoy a longer ride. Hit the People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Universe of Energy, or any of the shows that allow you to put your ‘plates of meat’ up for a while.
  3. Don’t visit a Park. Call me Captain Obvious, but if your ‘bigs’ are swelling why not take a Resort day and lie by the pool or relax in your room?

Any bench will do

So once again I’ve shown how hard it is for me to stay on topic. I’ve managed to turn a post about recommending shoes into a recommendation not to walk… so much. You’re welcome. I’m here once a month. Try the veal.

Thanks for joining me today. Enjoy the rest of the loops!

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12 Responses to “Magical Blogorail: Best Shoes for the Disney Parks”

  1. Lol, don’t walk! It took me awhile to learn about the right shoes for Disney. When I was a kid and teenager I never thought about even though we went all the time and I would always be sore. It was something my parents and I just never discussed. Finally, as an adult I learned and now I make sure my kids bring the shoes they find most comfortable!

  2. Pool days are always fun. We always did that or rented a boat – a fun way to spend time together and give the feet a rest :)

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