Ranking the New Attractions

Ranking the New Attractions! Over the past few days, we have been bringing to you details on the new attractions at Walt Disney World that have opened over the past few years. This was done in part because that was the feature topic over at On the Road with Mickey this week for Episode #105.… Continue reading Ranking the New Attractions

Na’vi River Journey

6) Na'vi River Journey

Na’vi River Journey Earlier we were talking about Avatar Flight of Passage; now, we are looking at Na’vi River Journey. Both of these attractions fall into our list of new attractions at Walt Disney World. For Na’vi River Journey, it opened on May 27, 2017, coming up on 5 years ago. Whereas Flight of Passage… Continue reading Na’vi River Journey

Avatar Flight of Passage

5) Avatar Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage On our list of new attractions at Walt Disney World for today are the two attractions located in the world of Pandora over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. We will be posting a separate post for Na’vi River Journey at 11AM, but for now, we’re going to be taking a look… Continue reading Avatar Flight of Passage

Slinky Dog Dash

7) Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash Slinky Dog Dash opened in the new Toy Story Land of Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 30, 2018 to a major fanfare. This was billed as a “kiddie” style roller coaster that would be fun for kids and parents alike, and it has not disappointed. In fact, it was number 3 on… Continue reading Slinky Dog Dash

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