Disney Parades
The Main Street Electrical Parade is the subject of this week’s Wordless Wednesday post!

Welcome to the return of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  Today we are focusing on Disney Parades for our theme! My friend Deb from Focused on the Magic has always hosted this, and I used to be quite the regular on contributing.  Things shifted, though, and I was not able to contribute nearly as often as I wanted to — that is, until now!  Long time readers will know that my Wordless Wednesday posts are not wordless at all usually.  Today’s theme is Disney Parades, and I can’t think of a better parade to feature than the Main Street Electrical Parade!  Originally from Disneyland, brought to Walt Disney World for several years, and now, back at Disneyland where my friend Sheila says “it belongs!”  I’ve great memories of this parade from it’s days in Florida, here’s some of my favorite pictures from that incredible parade!  Enjoy!

Disney Parades
It looks like Cinderella is looking right at me!

Disney Parades

Disney Parades
To Honor America, a beautiful ending to a great parade!
Disney Parades
The symbols of our country, the Bald Eagle and the American Flag.

Thank you for joining us for this week’s Wordless Wednesday post! We’ll see you next time — until then, click on the image below to see the rest of the entries!

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2 Replies to “The Return of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop- Disney Parades!”

  1. Beautiful tribute to one of my favorite parades. Haha, I can’t be wordless on #WW either. I guess that’s why we are bloggers;) Thanks so much Mike for inspiring me to get back on track!!

    1. I had to laugh when I saw your picture of Cinderella — and she was looking right at you just like she was looking right at me Deb! I think she has a crush on me. :)

      Welcome back!

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