Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing our reviews of the moderate resorts at Walt Disney World.

Coronado Springs

In 2007, my wife and I were planning our first trip to Walt Disney World where we would stay on property at one of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels.  This was exciting for us, as we had only stayed off property before, but the question was, which resort should we stay at? Originally we were looking at staying at one of the All Star resorts, but we ultimately decided that we would elect to stay at a Moderate category resort, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.  It was a decision we would never look back on with regret!

We actually stayed at Coronado Springs for two years in a row, 2007, and 2008.  The first year, we had a great room that was located right by the bus terminal, easily within just a few minutes from our location.  That section of Coronado Springs is called the Cabanas, and our room was located in the building closest to El Centro, so it was a very convenient location for us.

Coronado Springs has an incredible layout, as you can see from the map of the resort:

Coronado Springs
For Dining options, Pepper Market is considered a quick service eatery, but we really enjoyed it.  Located throughout that establishment was great options for everyone, and it really did feel like you were in a Mexican style market setting.  For table service locations, Maya Grill is available for dinner only, while Las Ventanas is open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Other options include Cafe Rix and Siestas Cantina for quick service options, and the Laguna Bar and Rix Lounge for unwinding.

In addition to being a Disney resort, Coronado Springs also serves as one of the Convention Resorts for Walt Disney World.  As a result, the property is huge, with a combined 1,921 rooms and suites available.  In our two years of staying at Coronado Springs, we never had a situation where we were staying while a convention was going on.

Coronado Springs

The entire resort has a walking path that makes for some great walking excursions to the different areas of the resort, but perhaps the best part of the resort is the main pool, affectionately known as “The Dig Site.”

Coronado Springs

In my opinion, the Dig Site is near the top of my list for pools at Walt Disney World.  I obviously haven’t experienced all the pools, but this one is cool, features a Mayan style pyramid, a water slide, and is huge!

To me, it seems that Coronado Springs gets a bit of a bad reputation because of the Convention Center; don’t let that discourage you, give it a shot, you might find your new Disney Destination!

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11 Replies to “Coronado Springs: Our First On-Site Disney Property”

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  2. When I was down earlier this month, my cousin and her girls were down the same week – they stayed at Coronado Springs. I think they liked it. We’ve never stayed there, but we did spend a few hours visiting a few years back, just walking around the resort and taking pictures. I captured some of my all-time favorite pictures of my kids there (in their pirate garb), so that resort holds fond memories for us.

  3. I was very wary of the size of this hotel but was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the walk to the food court and crossing the island with that FABULOUS pool. It really was relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone.

  4. I’ve never stayed at Coronado Springs, but my parents stayed there the year it opened. They thought it had too much of a business hotel atmosphere. Do you feel that way?

    1. I can see why they would think that, and in all honesty, I think it depends on whether or not you are there when the convention center is being used. Personally, though, I didn’t think of it in that regards at all.

      Thanks, Cindy!

  5. I do love this resort. I love the lobby area and the food options. The pool is fabulous, and we felt like we were the only ones there on several occasions. I do not love the size. I had about a 25 minute walk to get my morning coffee. It was too inconvenient at times. BUT if I get my requested building and room I do enjoy it.

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