Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are taking a closer look at the fun you can find in Future World at Epcot.

Imagination Pavilion
The Imagination Pavilion in Epcot’s Future World

The Imagination Pavilion is one of those pavilions in Epcot that often is overlooked and forgotten.  At least, it was for our family for a long time.  I’m not certain why this was, really, it just always seemed to be a forgotten pavilion.  To be honest, I never really remember seeing many people over there. Perhaps we skipped it for so long because it was the home of Captain EO for so long — a show that we had no interest in.  Or perhaps we skipped it because we were more excited to venture into Epcot’s World Showcase.  I don’t really know why.  However, all that changed the day that we made the commitment to explore the pavilion and see what the attraction Journey Into Imagination was all about.

When we finally made our way over to the Pavilion, we were correct in some ways — there just wasn’t a whole lot there that we saw.  However, we were also wrong.  Way, way wrong.  We walked right on to the Journey Into Imagination with Figment attraction, and little did we know, but we were in for one of the best treats!  We had no idea that the ride was that much fun.  Perhaps it was because we didn’t ride it very often; perhaps it was really that much fun; perhaps I don’t know why I liked it that much (that’s probably the correct answer) — but what I do know is that it became a must ride every time we visit Epcot from now on.

In addition to the main attraction, there is also the ImageWorks area of the pavilion — which, while the Walt Disney World website indicates is where “little ones can explore and create”, I thought that we looked at it for a bit and had fun.  Then, as we were getting ready to leave the pavilion, Cindy, Sophie and I decided to participate in this fun little exercise, and collect a most unique Disney Souvenir at the same time:

Imagination Pavilion
We purchased this great souvenir in the Imagination Pavilion!

So, my friends, a word of warning to the seasoned Disney Adventurer…before you judge a book (or a pavilion, in this case) by it’s cover, it’s best to give it a try.  You might just discover a great Disney hidden gem or two waiting to capture your imagination and run away with it.

Do you and your family enjoy the Imagination Pavilion?  Please let us know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by today!

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21 Replies to “Discover Future World: Imagination Pavilion”

  1. We love to visit Figment while we are there. That is such a cute ride and usually has a really short line. Plus, it gets you out of the heat for a while.

  2. On our very first visit to Walt Disney World, my Mom fell in love with Figment, so now almost a ritual to visit him when we are there. Sure, the pavilion is just a shadow of its former self, but Figment is still there and he’s still as cute as ever. I hope that they beef up this pavilion a bit one of these days. But, the activities are fun and I LOVE the gift shop at the end – there are lots of cool retro Epcot items in there! And I LOVE that picture you guys had done – very cool!

  3. You know, interestingly I’ve always been drawn to the Imagination Pavilion and ALSO can’t identify why! Apparently it needs a little bit of a branding/identity boost! ;)

    Great post, I really enjoyed it!

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  5. I have a soft spot for this pavilion. Take me back to when I was a kids and my brother, sister and I would run wild there. I remember my sister LOVING figment and have to get a figment stuffed animal. Somewhere there is a photo of her with that stuffed animal along with the Dreamfinder. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    1. Sounds like I need to write about my #DisneyMemory for this pavilion as well! :) Thanks for sharing, I’m glad that I was able to take you back!

  6. We love the Imagination Pavilion too! There is just something so sweet and innocent about it. Do you remember the rainbow tunnel that used to be there?

    1. Hey Cindy, unfortunately I can’t say that I do remember that. We had been so long since we went in that it is almost like discovering a new part of the park!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! Go check it out, they had several different options available and if I remember correctly, the price wasn’t bad at all. Have a great Disney Day!

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