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What do you like most about Disney?

By Mike Ellis.

When you talk about Disney, there are so many different things that can be talked about. The parks; the characters; the movies; the music; the man himself, Walt Disney. In this post, I’ve got a simple question to ask of you, as depicted in the poll below. As you answer the poll, give a little bit of thought to what your answer would be when you are away from your favorite Disney park. For many of us, the answer is simple, we love the parks the most, especially when we are visiting Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or any of the other great Disney venues. However, when you are not visiting the parks, and you are looking for that one thing that carries you forward until your next visit — that one angle that gives you that Disney fix for one more day — what do you turn to at that point? What is it that keeps your mind focused on Disney when you are away from Disney? If you are anything like me, that isn’t a very easy question to answer, and it may in fact change from day to day. And that, my friends, is why I have this poll.

So have at it, take a look at the poll, pick the one answer that best describes what you like most about Disney, and I’ll report back to you in the future with a breakdown of the results. This is an open-ended poll, so there is no expiration, and if what you like most isn’t depicted, choose “Something else” and tell me what it is in the comments please.

Thanks for stopping by today and participating in our poll. Now, go out there and make it a great Disney Day!



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