Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Jiminy Cricket!

Image ©The Walt Disney Co.

Image ©The Walt Disney Co.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  Along with Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi from Heidi’s Head, and Jenn from Disney Babies Blog, I’m Mike from My Dreams of Disney here to share a special bit of Disney Trivia!

This month the questions all come courtesy of my daughter Sophie, and our resource is the excellent book Disney Trivia from the Vault by Mr. Dave Smith.  If you like our trivia and want to purchase your own copy of the book, you can do so by clicking on the link!  It’s a great read!

Today’s Trivia is written in from Kathy in Wheeling, IL , who asks:

In what movie or short did Jiminy Cricket teach us how to spell “encyclopedia”?

Jiminy Cricket’s Encyclopedia was a separate little cartoon that appeared a number of times on the Mickey Mouse Club television show beginning in 1956.

Now, for a little fun, take a look at the cartoon that Kathy was referring to! It’s a short little ditty, do you remember this from your childhood?

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Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Today is a very special day in the lives of my Mom and Dad.  Today is their 49th Wedding Anniversary, just one year shy of the coveted Golden Anniversary!  Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

It is hard to imagine that 49 years ago today my parents were off going to the Justice of the Peace, eloping after just a few months of dating.  My parents were a blind date — and I guess  you could say that the date worked out quite well!

I have so much respect and love for my parents, it is really hard for me to put my feelings for them into words.  But you know me, I’m going to try!

As I’ve gotten older and hopefully wiser (although Dad would probably disagree with the wiser part of it) I’ve come to realize that there are so many little things that really contribute to become the man you are (well, not in my sister’s case, cause she isn’t a man…)

In any event, seeing my parents work hard at their marriage, seeing them sacrifice this luxury or that thing they wanted because something else was needed, those little lessons that they taught Robin and I became learning lessons in life for us to teach our kids.

Being married to Cindy for almost 13 years has taught me one valuable lesson: Being married and loving your wife is the easy part; what makes marriage difficult is when outside influences, such as job stress, school issues, the economy, etc, come into play into your relationship.  It is those outside influences that play the major roles in making a marriage hard work.

The biggest key that I’ve learned is that it is extremely important to love your wife, and to tell her that, day in and day out.  Those sorts of lessons, I learned from my parents by observing their marriage.

So, today, Mom and Dad, I congratulate you, I raise my glass to you, and I celebrate the life that you have had together, and the life that you will continue to have in the years to come.

I thank you for the influence that you have had in making me the man that I am, and I give God thanks for you both every day.  Most of all, I love you.  Happy Anniversary!  May God bless you with many more years of wedded bliss!

26 Days til Disneyland – Storytellers Cafe!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

Today for Day 26 in our countdown to Disneyland series, we are taking a look at the Storytellers Cafe, which is located inside of the Grand Californian Resort.  This dining location serves for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The breakfast is a character breakfast called the “Chip ‘n Dale Critter Breakfast”, and has among other features, the ability to order off the menu or to select the buffet for your meal.  With made to order omelets, great Disney breakfast fare, and an excellent venue for your meal, the Storytellers Cafe is one of the top dining locations on property — at least, I think it is!

We will be eating there for breakfast the morning of June 24th, so look for an in depth review of the restaurant when we get back from Disneyland!

In the meantime, tell me what you think of the Storytellers Cafe!  Have you ever eaten here before?  If so, did you eat at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and what did you think of your dining experience?  Was the price good for the food you got, or was it overpriced?  Let me know in the comments, please, and thanks for stopping by!