Disney Music Monday

#DMM – Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Disney Music Monday

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s #DisneyMusicMonday post!  I’m joined by my buddy Tim from Dad for Disney, and each Monday we bring you a special post that helps you get through the blahs that Monday’s can bring to us sometimes.  Well, I don’t want to brag, but I think I have got the PERFECT song to put a smile on your face.  I like this song so much that I’m actually putting two videos of the song in it — so go ahead, hit that play button twice, and enjoy!

I came across this gem from the Disney Modern Classics soundtrack that I bought on iTunes.  Of course, the song Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride is from Lilo & Stitch, and also Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch.  What I love about this song is the upbeat melody, the rhythm that just flows, and the feeling, despite just listening to the song, as if you have been transported out to Hawaii and are on that surfboard yourself!  I hope you enjoy these YouTube videos as much as I do — the first one is the original song as performed by Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu and The Kamehameha Schools Children’s Chorus.

This next version of the song was performed by the band Jump 5 and is full of energy and pep.  Here is the video:

So tell me, which one did you like better? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by today on our #DisneyMusicMonday sing along!

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back to school

Prayers for the Week – Back To School

back to school

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Prayers for the Week post.  For many of you, your children are getting ready — or already have — gone back to school, and while we don’t go back to school for another week, it seems appropriate that we mention the changes that come to so many of us, and to offer up our prayers for a successful school year.  This week we have incorporated a new email address for you — if you want to email us your prayer requests, please feel free to do so by emailing prayer@mydreamsofdisney.com.

My friend Bob penned this on Facebook the other day in anticipation of school starting back up, and I think it speaks volumes for us, regardless of whether you are a parent, student, teacher, just starting out, finishing up, or somewhere in between.  Here is what Bob wrote:

To all the students starting school, be appreciative of the freedom you have to learn. Some children are not as fortunate. Be proud of who you are and believe in yourself. Be kind to those you meet. Some of your peers may be struggling to make friends or struggling with their own insecurities. If you see someone being bullied or picked on because he/she may seem a little different, step in and do what you know is right. Say “hi” or smile at them in the hallway. You never know what that person might be facing outside of school or battling inside. Your small act of kindness may make a BIG difference in someone’s life this school year!

To all the teachers, both new and “seasoned,” know that you have been called to the teaching profession for a reason. The minds and hearts of the students you teach will forever be changed. You have been given the chance to be an influence and an inspiration to your students. As hard as it is to deal with the politics of school systems and new policies, just remember why you are there—to educate and provide a safe environment for the young people you have been given. What you offer them today may have a lifelong impact on who they become.

To all the parents sending your little ones off to school for the first time, stay strong. I know it’s hard. You can cry as soon as you get back to your car or walk back inside. Your kids will be fine. The excellent women and men who will be teaching them this year will pour into their little minds and hearts.

For those of you with children starting middle school or high school, stay positive and encourage your child. Build them up and be available when they need you. This is a big step and there will be trials. However, your children will succeed with the support of you, their friends, and their teachers.

To the parents of seniors, this year is critical for your child. The journey to college is exciting and challenging. Enjoy the time you have with your senior and get involved in their lives if you are not already. As much as they may seem like they don’t need or want you, they do. Check in on them and ask about their studies and their lives. Be present.

Good luck this year, and know that each of you have my thoughts, prayers, and support. Have a great school year, everyone!

Thank you, Bob, for sharing such wonderful words of wisdom to all of us that are involved in the school process.

Prayer Requests and Praises…

  • Prayers for my friend Hiro Mi and her baby! Here is what she wrote on Twitter:For my baby due December 13. That is so nice u are doing prayer requests on social media. Will pray for u, Cindy & Sophie 2Thanks, Hiromi! I’ll lift you up for a safe and smooth pregnancy, delivery, and I look forward to giving God praise for your baby!
  • Continued prayers for Katy. Here is the latest via my friend Kuleen:Update from Katy’s Mom:
    Katy had a quiet day… No big changes… Still peeing… Working towards weaning the vent and getting her extubated. Patrick came to visit today and did really well seeing her so sick. Mike and I are blessed with two amazing children. Patrick was so caring and asked appropriate questions. He wanted to know how everything worked.
  • Prayers for my friend Tara and her husband Scott. They recently lost their cat. Here is what she wrote on FB:
    Scott and I had to say our final goodbyes to our sweet cat Forest on Friday. He was with me for 18 years (longer than most but not even close to long enough). I know many of you knew him so I decided to share the info here on Facebook or at least you know our completely ridiculous attachment (I know!) to our animals so this was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I am SO appreciative of all of you guys kind words and prayers to both of us. It was a horrible experience but just knowing he is now in peace makes it easier (well maybe one day it will :)). RIP my sweet Forest…you were the BEST kitty cat ever.Please pray for their comfort moving on — our pets are part of our family too!
  • When it comes to Praises, sometimes the best praises are the ones that we associate with our Grandma. Here is a praise that my great friend Torri posted:My grandmother doesn’t have much (really nothing at all). Today she received $10 in the mail from one of her friends. She hands me the money and with tears in her eyes, asks me to give it to a family in our church who is going through an excruciating time. She says, “I know it’s not much and I wish I had more, but it’s all I have”.This is how she has lived her entire life. I wanna be just like her.God Bless Torri’s Grandmother, and all of the Grandmothers out there. They are treasures that we should never forget.
    • Thanks for sharing Mike! Reminds me so much of the Widow in the Bible who didn’t have much, but she gave it all. Oh that we would all have such giving hearts! ~ Torri
  • My friend Lin has a prayer request. Here is what she wrote:
    May I ask for a prayer? A family in the community I teach in has suffered a terrible tragedy. Parents Ryan and Elena were murdered in their home early yesterday morning. Their 16 year old son was arrested and charged, and all of this occurred while the remaining family members were apparently asleep. I knew this family, only in passing, but their daughter went on one of the theatre trips I organized and chaperoned to Walt Disney World. She was a sophomore then I believe and would have graduated this past June. Her parents were such sweet people. I simply cannot imagine what she and her remaining brother and sister are dealing with right now. Please pray for their strength and resolve as they do their best to cope with the situation. My heart just breaks.Please pray with me:Heavenly Father, the senseless brutality that this poor family has experienced – possibly from their own son — is beyond our ability to comprehend. Lord, at this point we pray for the children. We don’t know what will become of them, we don’t know if their parents were saved and are with you in Heaven, and we don’t know what will become of the one that committed the acts of violence, but here’s what we do know. We know that You are in control, and that, as horrific as this situation is, You are there to comfort the children. You are there to give them Your Peace. You are there to give them Your Strength. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, You are there to give them Your Love. Please help them, Lord. Please keep them safe from further harm, and Lord, bring into their lives the ones that will be there to help them in the days, weeks, months, and even years ahead. We ask all of these things in the healing name of Your Son Jesus, who lived and died for us on the cross. It is in His name we pray. Amen.
  • My friend Kuleen shares the latest update on Rockstar Katy:LONG update on Katy:
    Let’s start with the positives… Katy has been able to successful wean down on her vent settings… has tolerated significant weans in her sedation meds. These are all things that need to be done to move towards extubation… our hope was to extubate Katy and give her LVAD a chance to work at its full capacity and that alone would be enough to help her kidneys recover.Unfortunately Katy’s kidneys are failing fast…and the fear is that we no longer have the time to wait and see if the extubation plan will work.
    Mike and I are having to make decisions that no parent should ever have to make. Katy is in a very tough spot and there is very little left that can be done for her. She really needs to turn the corner and turn it fast. We have to make sure that we give her the best chance possible to do that while still being very aware of her quality of life and making sure we are not prolonging the inevitable. Katy’s love of life,happiness and comfort is front and center as we make these horrible life and death decisions… all the while trying not to lose hope.
    With all that said… tomorrow Katy wlll be headed to the cath lab to have an ASD made… basically putting a hole in her right heart to open communication between the right and left ventricles. The hope being that it will lower the pressures in her right ventricle. All sounds good in theory but it has never been done…not here not anywhere! It is basically a last ditch effort… that sounds like it will work in theory. It is a very precise procedure because they can’t make the hole too big or her 02 sats would be much too low due to too much oxygenated blood going through… and if it is too small the hole will close on its own. While they are in the cath lab they will place the dialysis catheter so that if need be they can get fluid off that way and filter toxins as needed. We hope that these maneuvers will give Katy’s kidneys the boost they need to recover and make it to extubation. There are just no other options to try. Everyone please keep praying for our little Rockstar. . .Please pray for her fervently! My fear is that this may come to a big climax really soon, so please keep praying for her. Please pray with me:Heavenly Father, we have seen so much death and loss this week. Please care for Katy, and if it is Your Will, please keep her from suffering the same fate as some others have. Lord, please show Your Miraculous Power by healing Katy, and lifting her up as an example of what loving Jesus can mean in your life. However, it is Your Will, not ours, that matters here. Lord, hear our prayer. It is in the name of Your Son Jesus that we pray with Thanksgiving. Amen.

    • My friend Beth has a reply.  Here is what she wrote:
      I hate that any parent has to deal with this. My heart is heavy. I pray for the doctors, nurses, Katy, her friends and family.
  • Today we give Praise to God for the successful birth of Kennedy, the daughter of my niece Leslie and her husband Matt. Please pray for them, that there would be nothing keeping them from leaving the hospital in time, and that they would get the patience they need from God to see them through the good times and the bad times that raising a child will bring. Thank you everyone!
    • My friend Beth left a reply for this request too.  Here is what she wrote (thanks Beth!):
      Yea for babies! I’ll be praying for all of your family, health, adjustments, sleep and peace! :)
  • Please pray for my friend Jodi and her friend and family. She learned some really bad news that has her in tears. Please pray for God’s Peace, Comfort, Strength, Mercy, and Love to descend upon Jodi and her friend and their family in their time of grief.
  • As many of you saw, this past Monday was our 14th Wedding anniversary.  I wrote a special post for her, but I also want to give God all the Glory for putting Cindy and I together and enabling us to have Sophie and love her, raising her in a loving Christian home.  Please give thanks to God for your loved ones, and tell them you love them every day.
  • Lastly, this past Monday the world lost one of the people that brought so much laughter to so many, and so much kindness and love to so many other people less fortunate than him.  At this time, we continue our prayers for the salvation of Robin Williams, and continue our prayers for all of his family and friends that lost him, especially his wife and children.  We also pray for all of those that suffer from the same problems that Robin did, and pray that they would seek out the help that they need.  If you need to talk to someone, if you are considering doing what Robin did, please call someone.  The phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. The call is free, and it may save your life.  Also, if you would rather, feel free to email our prayer request email address at prayer@mydreamsofdisney.com.

Lastly my friends, my brothers and sisters, let’s pray the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray:

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
Hallowed by Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those that trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory
Forever and ever. Amen.

Magical Blogorail: Adventures by Disney

A D V E N T U R E S    B Y    D I S N E Y  –  England and France

Welcome to those of you joining me from IN THE MOUSE HOUSE and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

… and France!

Although I was born in Canada, my parents and entire extended family pretty much hail from over the pond in bonny ole England. I’ve been there only three times in my life, but each time I was only a child, the last time being when I was just 14-years old. So returning as an adult and sharing my heritage with my wife certainly appeals to me!

I’m not so much interested in the usual landmarks: Big Ben (you know that is the name of the bell and not the tower, right?), Piccadilly Circus (which isn’t an actual circus), Buckingham Palace (where it would be a rare day to see any Royalty anyway), or the like. But I would rather tour the little towns and pubs and the seaside resorts. I feel that is where the real character of England, and of France, would be found. Having a pint with the locals and hearing their stories would be a real treat! However, you don’t get to choose what you see, so here is what Disney has in mind for you if you choose this Adventure:

  • Climb aboard an iconic red double-decker bus for a private tour of London with an elevated view of Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace.

  • Delight in the splendor and serenity of the English countryside during your 2-night stay in a 19th-century manor house.

  • Walk among towering stone blocks that have stood for millennia at Stonehenge. Explore the mysteries and legends surrounding the construction of this timeless monument.

  • Discover how kings and queens lived during a privately guided visit to Windsor Castle, current home to the British royal family!

  • Journey to the top of this 1,063 foot (324 meters) — tall structure and get ready for one of the most magnificent views in Paris — or anywhere in the world!

  • Marvel at the gargoyles of Nôtre Dame Cathedral. Then, as the adults follow a local expert to view some of the world’s greatest masterpieces in the Louvre, Junior Adventurers discover famous art works on an interactive scavenger hunt.

What I like about the idea of touring these destinations with Disney is the safety factor. I’m not a big world adventurer and don’t like being in situations where I don’t have control. This may curtail a certain amount of fun, but at least I arrive home alive after each of my vacations! And I’m sure a Disney Tour Guide could add a few Disney details to the locations visited.

France appeals to me because of the architecture and art scene, and of course, Disneyland Paris!

So my dream Adventure by Disney would be first to connect with my English heritage, and second, to explore the beauty and Disney Park fun of France. Now if I can just come up with about 6,000 US dollars I’ll be on my way!

Check out this link: England and France Tours for full details.

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is MANDA’S DISNEY BLOG. Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

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Adventures by Disney Norway

Magical Blogorail – Heading to Norway!


Welcome to those of you joining me from Heidi’s Head and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 2nd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Adventures by Disney Norway

Image ©Adventures by Disney

Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping by today as we explore the incredible Adventures By Disney adventures that await you!  For my trip, I have selected Norway — not just because it is the setting for the movie Frozen, but because the picturesque beauty that the country offers in incredible and something I want to see in person!  This is definitely a bucket list item for me!

The Norway itinerary features 8 days and 7 nights, and if you are unfamiliar with how an Adventures By Disney trip works, you are accompanied by great guides that show you a lot of the incredible things you’ll experience on your journey.  I’ve never been on one of these trips, so I am by no means an expert, but together we’ll explore more about this particular setting and venue.

  • Day 1 — Arrival at Bergen, welcome reception.
  • Day 2 — River rafting in Voss
  • Day 3 — Fjord Safari on a speedboat, also a visit to the Undredal Stave Church, the world’s smallest Stave Church.
  • Day 4 — Visit the Borgund Stave Church (constructed in 1250 A.D.) In addition, your Junior Adventurers will have a special dinner, and you’ll follow that up with a Disney Movie before bed.
  • Day 5 — Travel to Lake Loen for either trout fishing or row boating.  Afterwards, enjoy lunch at Kjenndalstova (on the shore of Lake Loen) before heading to Briksdal Glacier to visit it.
  • Day 6 — Visit Westeras Farm, then walk to a Fjord viewpoint. Afterwards, you’ll have an afternoon to explore Geiranger on your own.
  • Day 7 — On your last day before departure, you’ll travel to Oslo, the capital of Norway. From there, you’ll enjoy a farewell dinner and folk dancing at the Grand Hotel Oslo.
  • Day 8 — Much like Walt Disney World, this is the worst day — Departure day where you head back home.
Adventures by Disney Norway

Image ©Adventures by Disney

To me, the best part of this trip will be the scenic beauty that you can experience firsthand.  What do you think your favorite part of this kind of trip will be?  Let me know, and thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is In the Mouse House as Gina talks about Ecuador & the Galapagos.

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Robin Williams

RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams

The world mourns the loss of Robin Williams, who was the Genie in Aladdin.

The shocking news out of yesterday involved the passing of Robin Williams, who died at the age of 63 of an apparent suicide.

For most of my generation, our first exposure to Robin Williams was when he was cast on the show Mork & Mindy.  I know for me personally, his comedic genius was so good that he literally had me crying with laughter at times.

Some of my favorite movies of his include Good Will Hunting, Hook, in which he plays a grown up Peter Pan, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, and perhaps my favorite, Good Morning Vietnam.

As my friend Kathleen put it so clearly, if you are so sad that you are thinking about ending your own life, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline toll-free at 800-273-8255.

My prayer for this day is for Robin — for his salvation, for his family, for their Peace, for their Comfort, for their Strength, and for their Love, as they all come to terms with the horrifying reality that their dad, husband, loved one is gone.  My prayer is also for all of those that are suffering, that they wouldn’t feel like they have no other choice, that they would speak to someone, anyone, and that they would seek help.  Don’t glorify the way that Robin Williams died.  Don’t copy his final performance.  Don’t think that this is a good way out, because it isn’t.

My friends, remember Robin Williams for the laughter that he brought to a lot of us, not for the sadness by which he left this earth.  Emulate the comedic genius if you want, but don’t emulate the way he died.

Robin Williams

Image ©Disney