Festival of the Lion King
My wife loves Giraffes, and I think this set piece is great in the Festival of the Lion King!

Hi Guys it’s me, Sophie, and is it a coincidence that the inspiration for this post again came from my band class? I’m guessing that my school is a Disney loving Cougar Nation. So, this time I’m showing you a video that, with the help of Coach Snarey and Kevin (the band’s future drum player), my class created. It’s an imitation our version of the “Circle of Life” song from The Lion King. We made it because my band teacher, Mrs. Rackley, was planning on going to Disney World to “hunt down” all the musical attractions but The Festival of The Lion King was closed so when it reopened she announced it to the class and somehow Coach Snarey started recording something that eventually evolved into an imitation of the “Circle of Life”.

Funny huh? The reason you didn’t see me in there was because I was “behind the scenes”. I played the sun/very-dim-glow-that-didn’t-even-shine-on-kevin/simba-very-well. You could see me in there a few times. I was the girl in the lime green shirt around the edges of the video. I give a shout-out to all of my band-mates!!! You Rock! Well that does it for me have an Awesome Summer Vacation and I can’t wait to find something else to write about!



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