Space Mountain

4 Days: Space Mountain

Space Mountain

We’re at #Day4, and today we’re looking at #SpaceMountain!

Space Mountain.  Two words that can either give you an exhilarating rush of adrenalin at just the thought of it, or it can send shivers of fear down your spine.  For me, Space Mountain did both — when I first started going to the Magic Kingdom, it was not an attraction I would ride — I was afraid of it…but then Cindy and I rode it back in 2000 when I took her to Walt Disney World, and I was a fan, and the more I rode it, the bigger a fan I became!

Sophie is much like me, I’m afraid.  She is not a fan of Space Mountain.  She does not like that it goes in the dark; she does not like that it is single file seating; the version at Disneyland she likes marginally better because it has side-by-side seating so she can hang on to me or Cindy; but generally speaking, she is not a fan of Space Mountain.

So it really excites me that she has made a deal with her friend Miss J — Sophie will ride Space Mountain with her and Riley (who loves Space Mountain, by the way), and Miss J will ride Splash Mountain with Sophie and Riley (both of whom like Splash Mountain).  It a big moment for Sophie, and I’m proud of her for putting her fear aside to ride it with her friends — and who knows, she may just like it better afterwards!

Space Mountain

I think it would be really cool to see Space Mountain decked out like this!

I think that Disney should take a look at this photo and decide to deck out Space Mountain like this during the Halloween season — don’t you think it would be neat?

Space Mountain

You can see Space Mountain from the top of Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse!

I like that you can see the Mountain from all the way over in Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse!

So what do you think of Space Mountain?  Do you like it?  What about your kids?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!