Bay Lake Tower
Starting Tomorrow we are just 100 days until our trip! Time to countdown our days with a look at all we want to experience!

Hello everyone!  Thank you for stopping by My Dreams of Disney!  It is absolutely incredible to me, but tomorrow will mark 100 days until we arrive at Walt Disney World!  For me, the trip always takes on more meaning when you get inside the triple digit numbers — so starting tomorrow, we’re going to have a post each day — let’s call it our Disney World Countdown — counting down from 100 – 0 and marking each day with a look at something unique and fun that we are looking to experience on our trip.  Some days it will be a reminder of a great attraction; some days it will be a look at a parade or show; some days we will look at a particular restaurant we want to eat at; and some days, it will be an experience we just want to explore in more detail and remember as a lasting memory of our trip.  So tune in tomorrow, please, and see all of the things that you will want to note for your own trips to Walt Disney World!

How many days until your next Disney World adventure?  Let us know in the comments, please, and until that day arrives, spend time with us as we explore all that Walt Disney World has to share with us — and you, too!



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