Every once in a while I find something unusual to add to my collection of Disneyana. And this item I’m sharing with you today is no exception:

     Donald’s Hobby

I picked this up at a little antique store near where I live. It came with many stamps, but I’ve since added greatly to its contents.


Inside pages

The idea is to get the stamps pictured here and stick them over the black and white images, thus assuring that you will have the complete set.

I’ve added pages that don’t require sticking the stamps, so that they can be removed for viewing.


Advertising and back cover

Once I purchased this album, I ended up on a stamp kick, buying every one I could find. I was delighted to find this card of very special ones:

Walt Disney with a line of Small World children heading for the Castle in the sky

Stamp collecting isn’t as popular as it once was, but if it has a Disney theme, I’ll buy it! I hope this post gets your stamp of approval (sorry).

Actually, I’m going to let you pick your favorite tag line to end the post. Will it be:

Stamp Collecting: Lick’em and Stick’em!

Stamp Collecting: You just can’t lick it!

Stamp Collecting: Meh.



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