Disney Dollars
Collecting Disney Dollars has become a fun little pastime for me!

Hello everyone, we’re down to Day 95 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown, and for today, I’m sharing with you a new favorite pastime that I have — collecting Disney Dollars!  These fun little collectibles are great ways to start a new collection for you to have at home, but if you want to give them to your kids for them to spend, they can do that too!  They cost face value, so the $5 Disney Dollar bill you see above costs just that, $5, and that makes it a neat way to get a souvenir without spending a whole lot of greenbacks.  I really like them because they look so much like real money, just done up the Disney way!  As you can see, this particular $5 bill features Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse on the front, and on the back you see a great picture of Cinderella Castle.

Disney Dollars
The back of a $5 Disney Dollar Bill.

Not all Disney Dollars are the same, though!  I’ve got some $1 Disney Dollars that feature Dumbo on the front and Sleeping Beauty Castle on the back — these special Dollars are to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland!

You can get the Disney Dollars in $1, $5, and $10 denominations, and if you want to look up more information on them, they have a Frequently Asked Questions page on the Disney Website.  In addition, the website DisneyDollars.net is a great source of information about all the different varieties that have been featured over the years!

Do you collect Disney Dollars?  If so, do you spend them or do you keep them, and if you keep them, how do you display them?  I’d love to know because I’m fairly new to collecting these!  Thanks for stopping by, and go have a great Disney Day!



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