Country Bear Jamboree
The Country Bear Jamboree is our choice for Day 85 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown.

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s #DisneyWorldCountdown post!  For today, we are sitting at 85 days until our trip, and we are taking a look at the Country Bear Jamboree!  This is a down-home, good ol’ show full of country goodness!  I’ve written about this show before, and to this day, the story of Walt Disney and Marc Davis is both incredibly sad and eery at the same time.  For more details on that story, click on the link.

As for the Country Bear Jamboree, though, this is one of those shows that we don’t need to see every trip we go, but it is definitely one that I enjoy when we do see it.  There’s just something fun about those singing bears and how they keep the audience entertained.  Since this is a Disney World opening day attraction, it has earned my respect for being here for almost 43 years — that kind of staying power for a show performed by bears singing country and western music speaks for itself.  Here are a couple of shots of the bears that I’ve taken over the years — I hope you enjoy them!

Country Bear Jamboree
Big Al serenades us with his out-of-tune guitar.
Country Bear Jamboree
The Country Bear Jamboree bears perform together in their final song.

As I said, this isn’t an attraction that I need to see every trip — but with our friends from California joining us, and our friends from North Carolina joining us also, I think that this is one that we might check out.  Tell me, what do you think about the Country Bear Jamboree?  Love it, can’t stand it, can take it or leave it?  Let me know in the comments, please, and thanks for stopping by!