In honor of my great friend Heidi and her husband Brian’s 22nd anniversary, I’ve got a Disney Dining poll for all of you.  First, though, let’s set the stage:

You are at Walt Disney World with your special loved one.  This isn’t just any old trip to Walt Disney World, this is a trip that you have been planning for quite a while now, and you are celebrating a very special moment in your life, whether it be an Anniversary, a Honeymoon, a Wedding, perhaps the impending arrival of a child, you name it.  Normally, you don’t really eat at the really high dollar restaurants when you go to Disney World.  For the most part, you go to character meals, mid-range restaurants, such as the Crystal Palace, or Garden Grill, or something like that.  However, for your special moment, you want to go to a Signature Disney Restaurant.  Now, I ask you — which one do you choose?

Please take a look at the poll below, and give me your choice from the options listed below.  Thank you everyone, and have fun with it — who knows, you might just do this in the future with your loved one (or, perhaps you have already done this with your loved one!)  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit, and go out and make today and every day a great Disney Day!