Disney Dining: Poll of the Day


In honor of my great friend Heidi and her husband Brian’s 22nd anniversary, I’ve got a Disney Dining poll for all of you.  First, though, let’s set the stage:

You are at Walt Disney World with your special loved one.  This isn’t just any old trip to Walt Disney World, this is a trip that you have been planning for quite a while now, and you are celebrating a very special moment in your life, whether it be an Anniversary, a Honeymoon, a Wedding, perhaps the impending arrival of a child, you name it.  Normally, you don’t really eat at the really high dollar restaurants when you go to Disney World.  For the most part, you go to character meals, mid-range restaurants, such as the Crystal Palace, or Garden Grill, or something like that.  However, for your special moment, you want to go to a Signature Disney Restaurant.  Now, I ask you — which one do you choose?

Please take a look at the poll below, and give me your choice from the options listed below.  Thank you everyone, and have fun with it — who knows, you might just do this in the future with your loved one (or, perhaps you have already done this with your loved one!)  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit, and go out and make today and every day a great Disney Day!

Top 5 Cast Members to Talk To at a Disney Park

Of course, we all talk to hundreds of Cast Members during our trips. But I don’t mean ‘talking’ as in asking where the bathrooms are or “Excuse me, is this the FastPass line?” I’m talking about the Top Five Cast Members to actually have a conversation with.

But let’s qualify this a bit more: By conversation, I don’t mean a sit-down one-hour share-your-life-story talk. Cast Members are busy people. However, some of them are available for some brief Guest interaction, and would love to chat it up with you.

         Erin, from DCA

So with that in mind, here are the Top Five Cast Members to talk to during your next trip:

Chat No. 5

Cleaning staff. Very much a thankless job, these CM’s aren’t just there to sweep up and empty garbage cans. Most of them know the Park better than anyone and can give accurate directions to anywhere from anywhere! And I’ve never met one yet who wouldn’t give you the time of day. In my experience, they will even approach you if you look the least bit lost. Taking a few minutes to interact with these great people could just make their day, and yours!

Try asking them: Where would you go in the Park right now if you could?

Chat No. 4

Parade Route wranglers. Before any parade starts, there’s usually a lot of standing around. Many of the Cast Members who are there to keep you behind the ropes will also have time for a brief chat. They may even be wearing a Pin Trading lanyard, which is an indication they want Guest interaction. But these CM’s are busy, so make it quick. Hey, can you spot the Cast Member in the picture below?


Find out who their favorite character is in the Parade, and why.

Chat No. 3

Attraction staff. These are the poor unfortunate souls you see standing in front of a ride that is not operating, or the person who operates the same thing over and over, like the Monorail Pilot below. They may get to stand for hours telling disgruntled Guests they can’t ride their favorite attraction today, or just push the same button. Sound like fun? Not much, so they could use a little interaction!

     You can still talk to Monorail Pilots at DLR, but not WDW

Try asking for a piece of unknown trivia about the attraction itself.

Chat No. 2

Merchandise Cart staff. CM’s in stores are usually pretty busy and get lots of Guest interaction throughout the day. But the poor guys and gals stuck on some of the merchandise carts are all but ignored. For example, the ones outside the EPCOT main entrance, or any cart stuck in a deserted corner of a Park. These people are bored, to say the least!

If you really want to make their day, buy something during your conversation!

Chat No. 1

World Showcase staff. This is in the number one spot because it’s the no-brainer of the list. Each Pavilion has CM’s who are from that actual country. So if you’ve ever wanted to meet someone from Morocco or Canada (and who hasn’t fantasized about meeting a Canadian???) then that person is only a few steps away! Again, make sure they’re not too busy first, but then approach them for some nice conversation.

      Nanni, from Norway, loading the Maelstrom (now Frozen Ever After)

Topics: What city are you from? How long have you been here? What’s your favorite Pavilion, and why?

Any Cast Member who is standing around and looking bored is fair game! And part of their job is to interact with you anyway, so why not take advantage of that and have some great conversations. You can learn something new about the Park or Resort you’re visiting, and they can enjoy a Guest experience to make their job more worthwhile.

That’s what they call Win-Win?

Bonus Round

Who might be too busy to talk to you? How about:

     Lightning McQueen Wrangler

Our Favorite Disneyland Memories

Disneyland Memories

Our Disneyland Memories start with our hotel, the Grand Californian, an incredible place to stay!

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to My Dreams of Disney, the Disney fan site that brings you interesting perspectives on our favorite place to stay on vacation!  Today we continue our “Favorite Disney Memories” series by taking a look at the incredible memories that we experienced last year when we went to Disneyland for our first trip there!  There was so much to experience in this trip that this post is going to be a hefty one, full of plenty of photos and memories that I hope you enjoy reading about.  Have you ever been to Disneyland?  If so, you may enjoy seeing these pictures as a reminder of your own memories from your trip!  If you haven’t been, then perhaps these photos will a) give you a small taste of what the experience is like, and b) get you interested in seeing what it would take for you to take a trip to Disneyland yourself!  Please let me know if I can help you with that.  I’d be happy to do so!

Our home resort for our DVC Membership is actually the Grand Californian, so we were able to reserve our room 11 months out — in July of 2012, if my memory serves me right.  The hotel is absolutely incredible, and I urge you to take a more in-depth look at it by checking out my post on the Grand Californian.

Disneyland Memories

Of course, when I say Disneyland, I’m actually referring to both Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park, so I guess my post should have been titled Disneyland Resort Memories to be technically correct, but I think you know what I mean.  This first picture is of one of the most relaxing things we did at Disneyland — taking a ride on the Sailing Ship Columbia.

The Sailing Ship Columbia is a relaxing, incredible trip back in time to the era of that type of ship.

The Sailing Ship Columbia is a relaxing, incredible trip back in time to the era of that type of ship.

This next picture is of the location of my wife’s favorite part of the parks — Mickey’s Toontown.  This land is an incredible place, with all sorts of things to fascinate young and old alike!

Disneyland Memories

Toontown is an incredible resource, and one that I recommend you enjoy every trip to Disneyland!

As we continue our look at the memories, I have to look at one of the best memories we have — meeting my friend Sheila, her husband Randy, and their daughter, Miss J.  J and Sophie hit it off so well that we’re getting together again this summer, only this time we’ll stick to the east coast for our Disney adventures!

Disneyland Memories

Sophie and Miss J enjoy Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree!


Disneyland Memories

Sophie and Miss J over on Buena Vista Street talking with one of the nice ladies!

In addition to meeting Sheila and her family, I also got to meet one of my good blogging friends Jessica and her boyfriend Shaun.  That was a lot of fun, and Sophie loved meeting them and riding the Tower of Terror with them!

Disneyland Memories

Meeting Jessica and Shaun was great fun!

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  The first time we rode it, Sophie hated it — it was too noisy for her.  Put in her earplugs, ride it again, and viola! ~ a new fan!  We even have the movie!

Disneyland Memories

Mr. Toad and Sophie posing for a picture!

If you haven’t seen Mickey and the Magical Map yet and are going to Disneyland — go see it!  It is an incredible show, and well worth stopping to see it.

Disneyland Memories

Mickey and the Magical Map — what an incredible show!

The next two attractions are ones that took me and made me feel like even more of a little kid than I already did.  The Casey Jr. Circus Train and the Storybook Land Canal Boats attractions are a lot of fun for me, and they are two of my favorite memories!

Disneyland Memories

Casey Jr. Circus Train goes around the perimeter of the Canal Boat ride.

Disneyland Memories

Storybook Land Canal Boats takes you right into the mouth of Monstro the Whale!

One thing that we did at Disneyland that we can’t do anymore at Walt Disney World was ride in the front of the Monorail.  It was a lot of fun, and brought back old times of when we did do this at Walt Disney World…

Disneyland Memories

Riding in the front of the Monorail is really cool!

Of course I’ve got to talk about Cars Land — that incredible land over at California Adventure Park.  To be honest, though, while I really enjoyed the Radiator Springs Racers ride, I enjoyed just walking around Radiator Springs even more — especially at night!

Disneyland Memories

Radiator Springs Racers is so popular there’s a 15 minute wait just to get a FastPass!

Disneyland Memories

Flo’s V8 Cafe is a great place to get some tasty food!

These next two attractions are favorites because they are located in the same land — New Orleans Square — and when you couple them with the incredible dining we had at the Blue Bayou, they make the perfect Disney Trifecta of favorite Disneyland Memories!

Disneyland Memories

The Haunted Mansion is a great attraction, and one you shouldn’t miss!

Disneyland Memories

Pirates of the Caribbean is, without a doubt, one of the coolest rides at Disneyland!

When it comes to stage shows, Disney’s Aladdin — A Musical Spectacular — is a show that, in this writer’s opinion, rivals shows such as Finding Nemo – The Musical and the Festival of the Lion King over at Walt Disney World!

Disneyland Memories

Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular is a great show to see!

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln — I love it because it reminds me of some of the Walt Disney World history attractions, such as the Hall of Presidents and the American Adventure show.  However, this has it’s own history, and great pieces that show how Disneyland was conceived in the mind of Walt Disney, and this is just a great attraction.  Go check it out!

Disneyland Memories

This model of the United States Capital is made from the same stone as the actual Capital!

One of the best parts of California Adventure is Paradise Pier, and it’s not surprising to me that three of the best memories we had are to be found there.  Starting us off is Mickey’s Fun Wheel, a great ride that is a lot of fun!  After that, I’m sharing a picture of my shot on California Screamin’ when we were upside down — still the best Disney rollercoaster in my opinion!  And lastly, I’m sharing a picture I took during the World of Color — the quintessential show at California Adventure — and the best one on any Disney park, in my opinion!

Disneyland Memories

Mickey’s Fun Wheel was a great deal of fun!

Disneyland Memories

We loved California Screamin’!

Disneyland Memories

Ariel in the World of Color — a great show that is second to none!

The memories that we created at Disneyland and California Adventure during our trip there last year are some of our absolute favorites.  We had such a wonderful time that we know we’ll be back at some point — when, who knows, but we will get back there…it is that cool.

Thank you for stopping by, and for staying through until the very end of this long post!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Tell us in the comments what your favorite memories are of Disneyland, California Adventure, or any of the other Disney Parks, and thanks!



Wordless Wednesday – Disney Letter T for Tigger!

Tigger and Sophie!

Tigger and Sophie posing for a hug and a picture!

It’s Wordless Wednesday time, and today we’re focusing on the Disney Letter T for the theme!  I know that a lot of people think of other things when they think of the letter T, but for me, Disney Letter T means one character — Tigger!  Come join me as we bounce from shot to shot, exploring all of our Tiggerific pictures!

Sophie giving a Bear Hug -- or a Tigger Hug -- to Tigger!

Sophie giving a Bear Hug — or a Tigger Hug — to Tigger!

Tigger is bounding along at the Crystal Palace!

Tigger is bounding along at the Crystal Palace!

Sophie, Tigger, and Stephanie squeezing a hug!  Look at what a camera hog Tigger is!

Sophie, Tigger, and Stephanie squeezing a hug! Look at what a camera hog Tigger is!

And lastly, but certainly not least, here’s a picture of Sophie — in her Princess Jasmine costume, no less — after one of his autographs!

Tigger's Autograph

Tigger’s Autograph is simple, but uniquely his own!

Thank you for stopping by today! Now, please go head on over to Focused on the Magic to see what other great entries there are this week!  Just click on the button below, and remember everyone: “Go make today and every day a great Disney Day!”

Focused on the Magic

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – the Sound Barrier!

Sound Barrier

Image courtesy Cooking Underwriter

The other day I learned some really cool trivia when I was writing my Condor Flats post in my Lands of California Adventure series, and I decided that this would be great trivia to share for Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  So, I begged my friend Sheila from Cooking Underwriter to sacrifice and go to Disney’s California Adventure — I know, big sacrifice, right? — and get me some pictures.  All of the photos in this post are hers, and I am thankful to her for taking them and sending them to me!

The Fly ‘n’ Buy Souvenir shop, located in Condor Flats, fits the theming of this land perfectly.  Inside you will find some really cool stuff, and Sheila engaged Cast Member Jim from Brooklyn and learned a lot of great information.  Inside the store is a clock, a calendar from 1947, and a replica of an airplane.

The clock is frozen at the exact time when the sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager:

Sound Barrier

Image Courtesy Cooking Underwriter

It looks to me like it was 10:27:30 in the morning.

The calendar is fixed on the date that the sound barrier was broken:

sound barrier

Image Courtesy Cooking Underwriter

It’s a little hard to see, the according to some sources, the date is October 14th, 1947.  There is some contention that another broke the speed barrier prior to Yeager, but it is contended that that was done as part of a dive or something like that.

sound barrier

Image Courtesy Cooking Underwriter

Lastly, this picture is a replica of the plane that Chuck Yeager flew to break the sound barrier.

Thank you for stopping by!  Now, please head on over and check out the rest of the entries, and thanks!

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